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Kontron provides customers with highly reliable system and motherboard products that continue to work under extreme temperatures and high levels of physical stress. Whether using a KISS industrial server, a Kontron thin client or display, a network platform or a Kontron motherboard in a custom system, each Kontron product has been extensively tested to minimize the risk of failure. The dual redundant power supplies and hot swap SATA HDD on the KNP-2000 network platform and the hot swap chassis fans in the Kontron KISS industrial servers are designed to make repairs easy, even in field environments.

Kontron embedded motherboards have lifespan of up to 7 years to eliminate design churn and frequent qualification/ certification. By coupling the processor with the state-of-the-art chipset, Kontron offers the most advanced memory control and I/O functionality for each motherboard and SBC. Kontron’s high speed, digital logic with up to 12-layer stacking PCB designs ensures signal integrity, reduces radiation, improves signal quality, and aids in the decoupling of the power bus, resulting in high quality electromagnetic compatibility.

One of Kontron’s newest embedded motherboard, the KTQ45/Flex features the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q9400 with Intel® Q45 Express chipset and Intel® I/O Controller Hub 10 DO. New technologies featured in the Intel Q45 Express chipset include the Intel® Trusted Platform Module and enhancements to Intel® Active Management Technology release 5.0 which include: Remote Alerts, secured access in Microsoft NAP environments, Access Monitor, Fast Call for Help, and Remote Scheduled Maintenance.

Silent Industrial Servers – Kontron’s KISS rack mount servers range from 1U to 4U, with 2U and 4U short versions for space constrained use. These configurable COTS servers have high performance processor motherboards or SBCs and <35dB noise levels.

HMI – Kontron offers a full range of touch screens, panel PCs and thin clients designed to accommodate human machine interface applications. Displays range from 7 inches up to 19 inches with resolution from 800x480 to 1280x1024.

Network Platforms – The Kontron KNP-2000 includes up to an Intel® Xeon® processor 3000 Sequence and Intel® 3010 chipset with over 2 GHz clock speed for accelerating network traffic, SSL or XML applications or for security (IPS, firewall, VPN).

Motherboards/SBCs – Kontron offers embedded long life boards based on Intel® processors and chipsets, supporting Windows and Linux OSs in mini-ITX to ATX form factors.

Custom Systems -- When requirements eliminate COTS solutions Kontron provides complete design through post production and fulfillment customer systems services, including all testing, certification and supply chain and revision management.

Consider Kontron for your next embedded system. For more Info – www.us.kontron.com

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