A Series of Value-Added Services for COM Carrier Board Development

By Advantech Corporation

As we know, Computer On Modules (COM) integrate most of the complex CPU architecture and all basic circuitry onto a single, small module board. All application developers need to do is develop their own carrier boards. Even so, sometimes there are still design gaps in COM-based projects. Although only around 20~30% of the design work is performed on the customer side, an integration problem can still show up when a customer integrates a COM module with their carrier board.

The Trend in COM Carrier Board Design

To secure the advantages of design and application knowhow, more and more developers adopt Computer On Module solutions. The intent is to keep their key knowledge on the carrier board, which they develop themselves. As they are developing the carrier board and integrating it with the COM, the sufficiency and accuracy of technical documents and assistance, thermal solutions, and HW/SW integration are all critical issues.

Advantech COM Design Support Services… Can Do!

In order to facilitate the faster development of application- specific carrier boards, Advantech provides a series of supports such as design guides, carrier board design reference, and consultancy to help develop a time- and money-saving solution. COM Design Support Services handle all the evaluation, design, integration and testing requirements for smooth COM and carrier board integration.

  • Full line of COMs & Related Document Support
    COM Product Services include a full range of COM modules in various form factors, including COMExpress, ETX, XTX and SOM-144, each equipped with different generation CPUs and chipsets. Product Services also provide comprehensive technical documents, such as COM module design guides, evaluation board reference designs, COM module mechanical drawings, drivers, certifications, and test reports.
  • Carrier Board Design Assistance Services Design Assistance Services
    Design Assistance Services review schematics, placement, and layout of customer carrier boards. If the initial preventive review is not enough, there are also extensive debugging services to help solve any problem. All the services aim to reduce design risks and save time during carrier board development.
  • Thermal Solution Services
    Thermal Solution Services are divided into two major parts: one is the standard modularized thermal solution including heatspreader and extra heatsink or cooler, and the other is a customized solution. These services reduce design effort and facilitate flexible upgrades.
  • Embedded Software Services
    Advantech provides BIOS customization and embedded OS support to satisfy customers’ unique software demands. SUSI (Secure and Unified Smart Interface) provides a set of user-friendly, intelligent, and integrated interfaces, which speeds development, enhances security, and offers add-on value for Advantech platforms. SUSI plays the role of catalyst between developer and solution, and makes Advantech embedded platforms easier and simpler to adopt and operate with customer applications.

Latest Embedded Intel® Atom™ Solution for COMExpress Module

The Advantech SOM-6760, using the new lower power consumption Intel® Atom™ processors Z5xx series, has all the benefits of the Intel Atom microarchitecture in a new form factor; it performs the same functions as COM-Express, but with a board size of just 95 x 95 mm. The small board size makes it very suitable for portable devices. The pin definitions of SOM-6760 are the same as a standard COM-Express board, and can work directly with existing carrier boards, providing a seamless upgrade path for those customers who are considering moving to the new Intel Atom processor-based platform.

Advantech has accumulated expert knowledge in designing COM carrier boards; we are highly qualified to offer COM Design Support Services to help customers integrate Advantech’s COM products with specially designed carrier boards.

Advantech reserves the right to determine, on a case by case basis, whether or not COM Design Support Services are appropriate.



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