ARBOR’s M1525: High-performance, Full-featured Medical PC

Promising to save clinicians’ time of paperwork, enable faster documentation, help to reduce medication errors and enhance healthcare quality and medication management efficiency

ARBOR is proud to launch the medical grade Medical PC, M1525. For medical environment, M1525 display panel is spill & dust resistant and complying with EN60601-1 and UL60601-1 for power leakage and electronic emission approvals. ARBOR’s M1525 comes with the 15” touch screen for easily control software in medical application. Promising to save clinicians’ time of paperwork, enable faster documentation and help to reduce medication errors, ARBOR’s M1525, eHealthcare Tablet PC based on the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo mobile processor and wireless eHealthcare platform, is designed specifically for the healthcare environment.

M1525 has a 15” 350cd/m2 TFT color LCD (contrast ratio 500 : 1) with 1024 x 768 resolution. The brightness, resolution, and contrast ratio are designed to fulfill the DICOM (Digital Image and Communication) requirement. It also comes with one 2.5” SATA hard disk drive and up to 4GB DDR SODIMM. Besides, M1525 provides a DVI port to prevent video signal distortion, one Mini-card, four serial ports and four USB 2.0 hub for peripheral expansion, eight function keys for user-friendly operation, plus 7200Ah Li-battery pack for power back-up feature. In case of power failure, system can function as well to send message to Medical Monitor Center.

In clinical station, the most important consideration is to get the electronic medical records (EMRs) quickly and accurately. M1525 is wirelessly connected and with Smart Card Reader, allowing healthcare professionals to access real-time patient records, medication schedules, radiological images, physician orders whether at patient’s bedside, dispensing room, emergency room or operation room. The result is a safer, more efficient, “paperless and film-free” medical care system.

For enhancing healthcare quality and interactive communication, M1525 is also equipped with 2 megapixel CCD camera and microphone. The built-in CCD camera and microphone provide patient monitoring, image processing, diagnostic and communication functions. M1525 enables authorized clinicians to securely and precisely access patient data and enhances healthcare quality and medication management efficiency. By deploying M1525 into hospital or aging people’s home, it can realize the idea of Point-of-care or Telemedicine. The high-brightness LCD, highperformance, low-noise design, integrated multimedia functions and extensive expansion options make M1525 the perfect platform for applications of POC (Point-of-Care), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), PACS (Picture Archiving Communication Systems), and Telemedicine.

M1525 considerate design characteristics for e-Healthcare are definitely your first choice when it comes to Medical PC. Today, hospitals are increasingly deploying electronic medical records (EMRs) and other healthcare information technology (HIT) solutions to streamline the collection and dissemination of clinical information. ARBOR identifies the above thriving medical market need and is concentrating in the eHealthcare Tablet PC for a while. Through innovations, ARBOR is able to roll out eHealthcare Tablet PC—M1525. Given the complexity and challenges of coordinating information in the healthcare environment, deployment of healthcare IT solutions requires platforms and devices that are customized to the variations in clinical work practices and workflows of the many healthcare professionals working in the acute care environment. ARBOR provides ODM service of Medical Panel PC by customer’s specific request and seeks to develop next-generation information technologies for the healthcare industry to ensure the Point-of-Care solution meet the needs of healthcare professionals. For further information, please visit ARBOR website: http://www.arbor.com.tw/ or email: info@arbor.com.tw.


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