iGateway SecureICP

Integrated Security, VoIP and WLAN

The surge in interest and usage in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), in converged networks, has launched a new wave of security concerns. Elisabeth Ussher, vice president at META Group, an information technology research firm, recently warned, “Organizations that adopt voice over IP… are at risk for lost revenue and productivity, including data theft. Enterprises must consider security in the initial IP telephony design and must adopt holistic security policies.”

Rapid changes in technology and increasing usage of the public Internet for voice transport-and the escalating security issues that arise-have become burdensome for service providers as well as communication equipment manufacturers. Manufacturers are tasked with ensuring that data and media security are managed with confidentiality and integrity. The hackers are working just as fast and hard as the OEMs-developing new ways to penetrate and defeat each new generation of networking equipment that the OEMs devise.

Intoto’s iGateway SecureICP software platform allows equipment manufacturers to accelerate innovation and build highly secure, reliable and feature-rich Secure Integrated Communication Platforms (ICPs). The SecureICP platform integrates all of the following functionality in a single software platform:

  • SIP-based VoIP gateway
  • Firewall
  • Secure wireless access point
  • LAN and WAN protocols

SecureICP provides a flexible and scalable architecture to build feature rich VoIP Terminal Adapters, Integrated Access Devices, Embedded Routers with VoIP and security, IP PBXs and Media Gateways.

SIP-based VoIP Gateway

The VoIP gateway module provides SIP-based signaling, SIP call processing, voice processing and SLIC/SLAC interfaces, DiffServ QoS and Traffic Management.


The security modules include a robust firewall, based on Intoto’s proprietary cyber-defense engine which protects trusted networks from external and internal attacks, and defends the network from denial of service attacks.


The management module comes with advanced administration and management features such as a web-based management interface, configuration of alerts and logs, comprehensive statistics and password administration.

Intoto Inc. is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with a subsidiary development center in India. The company’s feature-rich software platforms are used by more than 100 networking and communication OEMs to build high-volume, top-tier networking products such as security appliances, broadband gateways, IADs/integrated communication platforms, routers, and edge appliances for RG/SOHO and SME/Enterprise market segments. By embedding Intoto’s software in their equipment, OEMs have enjoyed accelerated time-to-market, reduced software development risk and increased ROI. Intoto’s products are proven on market-leading embedded processors, SoC communications processors and network processors, and are compatible with all major OS/RTOS platforms.


  • ICSA certified stateful packet inspection Firewall and NAT
  • Extensive Application Layer Gateway (ALGs) support including a SIP proxy/application layer gateway for soft clients in LAN (behind NAT)
  • SIP VoIP

  • SIP UAC, UAS, SIP Call Processing, RTP, RTCP
  • SIP Proxy and Registrar for soft clients. Internal and external proxy modes of operation.
  • SIP Services: Call-hold/waiting, Call-forwarding, Alias contacts, Call-back, Hotline, Inward-call authentication/blocking, Caller Id, Outward call restriction, Phone Book, Alarm, etc.

LAN/WAN Functions

  • Wireless LAN with Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g, bridging and Secure Wireless Access Point
  • DHCP Server, DHCP relay, WAN with PPP, PPPoE and DHCP client
  • QoS: DiffServ classification on DSCP/ToS and/or 5-Tuples. Token bucket policing, RED and WRED based packet queuing. Traffic shaping methods- Priority queuing, CBQ (WRR and PRR) and Token bucket
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