Needs of Portable Computing Addressed with nanoET Xexpress COMs

By Kontron

Ultra mobile embedded applications have traditionally had very few options available to them among the standards-based platforms that could adequately meet their unique requirements. The troubles included that available solutions just were not small enough, did not have the right mix of integrated features and had limited options for future generation product revisions that would allow for taking advantage of technology advancements.

The nanoETXexpress as a COM Express compatible computer-on-module changes this situation. As introduced by Kontron at the end of 2007, new nanoETXexpress modules will offer the desired small footprint and the mix of integrated features desired by ultra mobile application designers has been fully researched – smart battery support, multiple PCI Express lanes and USB 2.0 ports, Serial ATA support, advanced graphics capabilities such as dual 24-bit LVDS channels, Gigabit Ethernet, onboard DRAM and Flash instead of SO-DIMM sockets, extreme low power Ethernet controller, a wide range power supply input of 4.75 to 14VDC, etc. All in a footprint of a mere 55 mm x 84 mm! This is 39 percent of the original COM Express module Basic form factor 125 x 95 mm footprint and 51 percent of microETXexpress (95mm x 95mm). This new COM form factor is compliant to COM Express module size nano from PICMG and is based on COM.0 Type 1 connector. The locations of the identically mapped pin-outs are also 100 percent COM.0 compliant.

The first nanoETXexpress modules will come to market at the end the first half of this year and the development of future additional modules is underway as well. Thus, embedded designers are assured that the scalability that they could not achieve with previous full-custom solutions is there for them already. Advanced ultra mobile applications now too can enjoy the design benefits of the computer-onmodule concept at their core.

To learn more about nanoETXexpress, visit: www.kontron.com/nano

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