Tackling the Harshest Environments with Extremely Rugged SBCs, COMs and Systems

By AMPRO Computers, Inc.



In the world of single board computers, computer-on-modules and industrial computers there are rugged products. But only a few are considered to be extremely rugged products. Applications such as helicopters, trains, airplanes, marine vessels and military vehicles are subjected to brittle cold, multi-axis shock, vibration, extreme heat, salt spray, exhaust and EMI across a broad spectrum. These types of applications need products that can meet stringent shock and vibration, -40°C to +85°C, MIL-STD, splash proof, 20-50G vibration and reliability requirements.

Ampro’s extreme rugged boards and systems are designed for harsh environments from the ground up, not simply lot screened. In order to support extremes of shock, vibration, humidity and temperature, utmost care is given to component selection, circuit design, PCB layout and materials, thermal solutions, enclosure design and manufacturing processes.

Extreme Rugged Board Design

Methodology To simplify supplier qualifications and product development for OEMs, an extreme rugged design methodology to address the rugged reliability up front has been developed. The cornerstone of this methodology is a Highly Accelerated Life Test (H.A.L.T) which uncovers latent defects in product design, component selection and manufacturing materials and processes that would not be found otherwise through conventional qualification methods.

In addition to HALT, this methodology also emphasizes best practices within the design process such as proper specifying, selection of components and materials to meet specifications, design reviews, prototyping and extensive verification with the SBC, power supply, cooling system and enclosure.

Equally important is the choice of manufacturing materials and process technology. The EU requirements for RoHS compliance means that suppliers can no longer rely or tin-lead solder on an inexpensive no-clean immersion gold process to provide durable solder joints that hold components in place without cracking under flexing loads.

PCI-104 Form Factor CoreModule™ 800 withstands extreme vibration and broad temperature range.

The PC/104 family of specifications is a great choice for extremely rugged products given the very small board size, inherent ruggedness of smaller boards and the long-term stability and withstands intense multi-axis vibration of 50Gs while operating over a very broad operating temperature range of -60°C to +90°C The CoreModule™ 800 is perfect for system integrators and equipment manufacturers in avionics, military, industrial and transportation applications.

Latest Embedded Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor Powers COM Module

Ampro’s newest Computer-on-Module is the extreme rugged COM 840 with dual core processor and Mobile Intel® 965 GME Express chipset in the Type 2 pinout of the official PICMG COM.0. This product features an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor L7500 at 1.6GHz, along with 4MB of on-chip L2 cache, powerful 800MHz FSB (front side bus), and two SODIMM sockets for up to 4GB of RAM. The COM 840 provides the enormous bandwidth of the PCI Express™ x16 (“by 16”) interface to the baseboard.

An Extreme Rugged System

Extreme rugged systems must contain extreme rugged boards and such boards can only be created by design. The new RuffSystem™ features the EBX form factor LittleBoard™ 800 inside with conductive cooling for the 1.4GHz Intel® Pentium® M processor 738 to the NEMA 4x chassis. This 8” x 10” x 3” enclosure is designed to meet MIL-STD-810 shock and vibration over a wide temperature and humidity environments. The power supply is also rugged with a surge protected vehicle-grade DC/DC converter. This product uses the new rugged EE25 series drives from Seagate® and is offered with a large variety of operating systems.

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Ampro Computers, Inc. is a leading global provider of modular embedded boards and integrated systems for OEM applications. As the inventor of the embedded PC industry, Ampro continues to provide leading-edge processor and chipset solutions to embedded systems designers in order to accelerate their product deployments. Ampro created or co-created the popular EPIC, EBX, and PC/104 form factor standards and is adapting COM Express to the needs of the broader market in cooperation with PIGMG. Ampro offers the industry’s widest selection of Extreme Rugged, Rugged, and Industrial products including ETX®, XTX, and COM Express Computer-on- Modules, PC/104-compatible CoreModule™ CPUs, EBX form factor LittleBoard™ Single Board Computers (SBCs), EPIC form factor ReadyBoard™ SBCs, Mini-ITX form factor MightyBoard™ SBCs and Industrial computers and PanelPCs based on Ampro’s Single Board Computers. For more information about Ampro Computers, please visit our website at www.ampro.com.

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