LynuxWorks LynxOS 5 RTOS brings hard real-time and open standards to multi-core systems

By LynuxWorks


LynuxWorks™ has unveiled the next generation of its flagship real-time operating system (RTOS), LynxOS® 5, which is designed to help software developers create more powerful devices using today’s most advanced hardware and chipsets, including dual and multi-core. Combined with the newly released Luminosity 3.0 tools, LynuxWorks provides a complete platform solution for today’s most complex embedded environments.

A product of LynuxWorks’ two decades of relentless innovation, visionary leadership and dedication to open standards, LynxOS 5 leapfrogs over other market offerings by providing, for the first time, performance-leading technological advances that enable embedded developers to take full advantage of today’s robust, multi-core hardware designs.

“In a market where even a split-second failure is not an option, LynxOS 5 is the first RTOS to provide all the reliability LynuxWorks customers have come to expect with new features that allow even more complex software systems to be designed,” LynuxWorks CEO Gurjot Singh said. “By creating an RTOS that enables our customers to leverage the latest in multi-core hardware, LynuxWorks enables embedded developers using LynxOS 5 to bring new features to market faster and at less expense without sacrificing reliability or locking themselves into proprietary standards.”

Among the key new features is the ability to leverage the performance gains using symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) architecture. By leveraging SMP, a multiprocessor computer architecture in which two (or more) identical processors are connected in the shared memory, customers utilizing LynxOS 5 will benefit from an operating system that allows any processor to work on any task, regardless of where data for the task resides in memory.

This allows LynxOS 5 to move tasks dynamically between processors to efficiently balance workloads, using whatever processor is available. This latest release pushes LynxOS 5 ahead of other RTOS offerings that provide only asynchronous multiprocessing, where separate, specialized processors are used for specific, assigned tasks.

In addition to its SMP capabilities, LynxOS 5 continues to meet the latest open standards such as POSIX® and Linux®. With its rigorous reliability requirements and meticulous adherence to open standards such as POSIX and Linux, LynxOS has long been the RTOS of choice for embedded devices in a wide array of industries including telecommunications, military/aerospace, industrial, automotive and others. With LynxOS 5, LynuxWorks’ family of operating systems remain the leading POSIX conformant embedded operating systems in the market—the first choice of customers who cannot afford downtime.

LynxOS 5 provides unmatched POSIX compliance to the latest POSIX standards, IEEE 1003.1-2003 and IEEE 1003.13-2003 (PSE53 profile). These POSIX interfaces provide advanced real-time and other capabilities in the areas of process creation (spawn), scheduling (sporadic server), time management (clocks), wide characters and dynamic linking and allow the migration of legacy POSIX applications as well as the creation of new, portable POSIX applications for execution in the LynxOS environment.

LynxOS 5 provides a new Linux Application Binary Interface (ABI), which allows Linux applications to run unmodified along with native POSIX applications. This enables customers to take advantage of several Linux third-party COTS applications, such as Oracle 9, Apache, ACE-TAO, PostGres and QT, many of which have been tested by LynuxWorks in this environment, and run them in a hard real-time environment.

LynxOS 5 also provides advanced networking capabilities with a state-of-the-art TCP/IP network stack supporting IPv4, IPv6, IPSec and Quality of Service (QoS) features. The QoS features in the network stack help extend the real-time capabilities to network traffic between different nodes and provide the ability for middleware (such as Data Distribution Service from RTI) and applications to create differentiated services across multiple networks. LynxOS 5 also provides expanded language support, which allows for the development and execution of C, C++, Ada and Java applications and provides extended graphics capabilities with X-windows, Lestif and OpenGL support to allow the creation of 2-D and 3-D graphics applications.

LynxOS forms the core of a wide array of systems, from postalmail sorting solutions to air-traffic control systems, and from office printers and copiers to military field artillery; it provides a superior foundation for sophisticated real-time systems. It also is the only hard real-time technology with broad conformance to open and de facto standards such as Linux, POSIX and UNIX®

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