iGo Panel PC

Ultimate All-in-One Signage Solution

By iGoLogic, Inc.

iGo Panel PC is the ultimate industrial fanless embedded solution. Features Intel® Celeron® M processor 1.5 GHz with 17" or 19" widescreen TFT LCD WXGA and touch screen, It provides the best HD (High Defi-nition) video performance to support 720 P multimedia applications. It also features 5 RS232 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 Ethernet ports wifi (wireless LAN b/g), internal speaker s , and more. I t suppor t s Microsoft Windows XP Pro and XP embedded on a 2.5" hard drive or a solid state Compact Flash module. iGo17 Panel PC and iGo19 Panel PC can be broadly implemented and perfect for several markets, such as Digital Signage, POS, Kiosk, Gaming markets, automation.

Infinite Imagination Goes On

iGo Panel PC can be built-to-order for infinite color front bezel which enables your imagination deploy with your applications friendly and efficiently.

Inspiration & Innovation Go on to Deliver a Richer Signage Experience

There is almost no limitation on how and where the iGo17 and iGo19 widescreen Panel PC can be used. Whether you need to offer information, digitalize your signage ads, broadcast live news, offer your customers the power to interact easily through a touch-screen panel or use it to collect data, etc. iGo17 Panel PC and iGo19 Panel PC fanless all in one solutions empower you to achieve that friendly and easy manners.

Corporate Strengths

Consistency, Reliability, Quality, and Flexibility are our corporate core strengths. iGoLogic has well established first-tier relationship with major IPC embedded manufacturers and components vendors. iGoLogic's product line include Mini-ITX Motherboards and accessories, Embedded Computing Platforms, All in One Panel Computers, Industrial Automation Devices, Industrial PC platforms, Network Appliances, Storage Appliances, and more. iGoLogic's continual drive of inspiration and innovation have been gaining overall efficiency and flexibility for our customers. Our achievement in customer intimacy has helped us to set the highest standards of solutions and services. As a leading industrial solution provider, iGoLogic has devoted to produce state-of-the-art solutions that aid users in achieving their goals.

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