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By Kontron, C. Van De Graaf

As a leader in embedded computing technology, Kontron is committed to offering a wide selection of ready-to-use and customizable Computer-On-Module (COM) products. Kontron COM products deliver the needed core technology as well as unique application-specific features required for an ideal solution today while maintaining sufficient flexibility for the future.

When you take advantage of Kontron's engineering know-how and COMs expertise, the result is a perfect-fit solution from the original COM inventor. Kontron design and production services offer true added value when you are in search of a partner to help you complete your embedded design project.

Concept Evaluation –
Evaluation Hardware and Software

Quick and easy platform evaluation with all necessary hardware, drivers and a knowledgeable technical support engineer dedicated to answering your questions along the way.

Specification –
Consulting and Optimization

Kontron offers design consulting and concept optimization services that guarantee a short time to marketing with and reliable and cost effective solution. You know what your application needs, Kontron engineering knows how to make it all work so you do not need to invest many expensive man hours designing from scratch on your own.

Realization –
Kontron First Class Pproject Management

You are in control of the project. The Kontron design process combines flexibility even in the design phase with design quality control through regular reviews and customer approvals.

You are not alone when bringing your concept to life. A Kontron project manager sees the project through every step. Think of your dedicated Kontron project manager as your voice and eyes at Kontron. Customers are always welcome at Kontron, but we know you need time to focus on your core competencies when bringing your solution to life.

Prototyping –
Design Verification

When the standard BIOS or driver is not enough, Kontron goes the extra mile and will customize a BIOS and/or drivers for you. As with all standard products, customized products (whether you require unique hardware and/or software) undergo a standardized approval process which ensures that your specifications are fully met.

Production –
Logistics and Quality Control

Kontron will adapt to your logistics needs complete with customized testing and quality control. With design and manufacturing capabilities in all global regions while maintaining the highest standards at every location, Kontron has the ability to deliver what you want whenever and where ever you need to have it.

Lifecycle Management –
Re-designs, Design Migration for Upgrades, Continuation of Supply, Etc.

It is Kontron's policy to ensure that the investment you make in your solution pays off. Every Kontron COM-based solution is designed to be supported for at least five years. Kontron Engineering and Procurement teams work closely to manage the longevity of every standard and custom product.

Kontron takes great care in the selection process of suppliers and components. Manufacturers are selected through an ISO-9001 vendor approval process that provides assurance that we are establishing a relationship with our vendors that is consistent with our goals. Components are selected based on features, market acceptance, and the approval of the vendor.

Despite a company's best efforts, the need to modify a product sometimes does arise. This may be the result of a component prematurely becoming obsolete, an enhancement that is desired by the market, or a correction to a problem. In the event that it is necessary to designate a product for End-Of-Life (EOL), Kontron has defined the following options.

  1. Migration Options
  2. Parallel Replacement
  3. Upgrade Replacement
  4. Alternative Replacement
  5. Continuation of Supply

Once again, your dedicated Kontron Project Manager and Kontron Strategic Account Manager works with you to jointly determine the best course of action.

When your application pushes you to look at making the "build versus buy" question, know that Kontron is here as your embedded partner to make the whole process seamless and smooth, from start to finish and beyond. Kontron support for standard and customized computer-on-modules solutions does not stop when product leaves our facilities. Kontron is with you to support you throughout the lifetime of your solution, generation after generation and we have the track record to prove it.

About Kontron

Kontron designs and manufactures standard-based and custom embedded and mobile rugged solutions for OEMs, systems integrators, and application providers in a variety of markets. Kontron engineering and manufacturing facilities, located throughout Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific, work together with streamlined global sales and support services to help customers reduce their time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage. Kontron's diverse product portfolio includes: Computer-on-Modules, SBCs/blades, open-modular platforms and systems, HMIs, mobile rugged workstations, and custom capabilities. Kontron is a Premier member of the Intel® Communications Alliance and was awarded 2006 Intel Member of the Year. The company is a recent three-time VDC Platinum vendor for Embedded Computer Boards. Kontron is listed on the German TecDAX 30 stock exchange under the symbol "KBC". For more information, please visit: www.kontron.com.

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