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The APOLLO EBX Embedded PC is a compact and low power board that delivers very high performance. It achieves this with an Intel® Pentium® M or Intel® Celeron® M processor, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology and the Intel® 855GME/ICH4 chipset. It accepts CPU devices from 600MHz to 1.8GHz, giving performance on par with a 2.8GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 processor.

The EBX form factor board has standard connectors for all usual PC functions together with additional graphics, audio and integrated security features. APOLLO's design promotes easy integration into compact systems. These perform well in limited ventilation environments with fan-less operation boards.

The APOLLO has an Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 dual video controller delivering 3D graphics with sharp images, fast rendering, smooth motion and extreme detail. It supports dual independent displays. One is local VGA while the other is either a second analog VGA or digital LVDS interface. Resolutions to 2048 x 1536 @ 75Hz are supported.

Audio is provided by an AC97 Audio CODEC which supports six channel/5.1 surround sound. An SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) delivers digital audio output to an optical transmitter.

Up to 6 USB 2.0 ports are available, also two FireWire IEEE1394a ports with speeds to 400 Mbps. A dual 10/100baseTx Ethernet controller is standard, with an option for a 1000baseT Gigabit device.

The APOLLO includes a hot swap CompactFlash (CF+) port for use with memory and I/O cards (WiFi, modem, Bluetooth). The single PCI 2.2 compliant slot can accept a 2 slot PCI riser card for compact system integration.

The APOLLO's operating temperature range is from -20 to +65ºC and depending on chosen CPU, power requirement can be as low as 12.3W.

The APOLLO is supported with three rapid application Development Kits: Windows XP Embedded, `embedded' Fedora Linux and an entry-level version for use with other standard operating systems.

Typical applications include kiosks, ATMs, casino venues and military IT systems, which benefit from the protection of APOLLO's tamper detection logic. Other applications include Digital Signage, DVRs and ANPR systems.

APOLLO's industry standard form factor and connector layout allows quick and simple integration into complete systems, such as Arcom's ready to use APOLLO enclosures. These are powerful and reliable computing platforms within compact and rugged enclosures. Such features, which are essential for industrial, retail, remote communications and similar demanding environments, are achieved through APOLLO's high performance, dense functionality and cool running fan-less operation.

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