RadiSys Embedded Solutions

By RadiSys Corporation

The RadiSys Procelerant family of embedded solutions includes scalable, flexible building blocks and platforms designed to improve time to market, and reduce production and back end service costs. From COMExpress to Motherbaords to Rack Mounted Servers, the RadiSys Procelerant family of products are built for long-life and designed with industry leading architecture.

COM Express
RadiSys COM Express products are ideal for embedded applications that require a standard processor and memory subsystem at the center of their design-and require the modular flexibility to meet customer needs. Based on the open PICMG standard, the RadiSys Procelerant CE COM Express modules combine dual and single core Intel Pentium M and Intel Celeron M processor performance with key features vital for today's embedded applications.

Microware OS-9 for PowerPC®
Microware OS-9 is the high-performance, high-reliability real-time operating system (RTOS) from RadiSys. Microware OS-9 includes drivers, board level solutions, development tools and middleware for a complete solution. Microware OS-9 maximizes your applications performance with compiler technology individually tuned for each processor family and supports both native C/C++ and real-time JavaT application development. Microware OS-9 was recently ranked #1 by the Canadian Space Agency in a performance and featured-based comparison against other leading RTOSes. Learn more at http://www.radisys.com/os-9.

Endura Motherboards
The Endura product line includes a family of scalable Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-based motherboards and a family of low power Intel ® Pentium® M processor-based motherboards. Customers can select the right Intel Pentium® 4 or Intel Celeron® processor to suit their price performance needs.

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