Experience Industrial Multi-Core Performance in a Full Range of Form Factors

By Advantech

Multi-core processors are driving traditional processors off the market because they can control separate functions simultaneously while boosting performance. The power consumption of multi-cores remains the same as traditional CPUs: however, data output per watt rises dramatically. A multi-core processor can run Windows and control the human-machine interface on one core, and can run a RTOS for the machine control system on another core.

Advantage: Standard Form Factors

Standard and unique solutions are offered for commercial and industrial applications. ATX boards (305 x 244 mm) have the largest size and the longest history; MicroATX boards (244 x 244 mm) are medium size; and Mini-ITX boards (170 x 170 mm) are the smallest. Standard size ensures easy compatibility with readily available enclosures, simplifying installation and enabling quick upgrades. Most connectors and interfaces are directly implemented on standard boards. Since the connectors are identically arranged, making external interfaces is easy, especially during system updates. The use of standardized power supplies helps in the selection of optimal power units for each scenario.

Advantage: Industrial Motherboards

Commercial motherboards are not suited to industrial use. Industrial motherboards are built to withstand high shock and vibration, while functioning through an extended temperature range. Strict version control guarantees that industrial boards retain the same design to ensure that installations will function consistently and reliably. With version changes, extensive compatibility tests are needed to guarantee that a new board will function exactly like its predecessor. Long-term availability of components is crucial so that longevity can be guaranteed for at least five years.

Mini-ITX – Hhighly Integrated Compact Motherboards

Highly integrated Mini-ITX boards have rich functionality, the smallest (170 x 170 mm) footprint, consume less than 100 Watts and have one expansion slot. They're ideal for fast-emerging kiosk, POS, gaming, lottery and other markets that need a compact and power-efficient platform. Advantech's AIMB-254 is a high-end motherboard that can use Intel® Core™ Duo or Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors and up to 4 GB SDRAM. The Mobile Intel® 945GM Express chipset supports four COM ports, eight USB ports and a multitude of other connectivity.

MicroATX– Best Price/Performance

Measuring 244 x 244 mm, MicroATX boards are as integrated as ATX with balanced performance and expandability. Advantech's AIMB-554 supports Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors and up to 4 GB of DDR 2 SDRAM. SATA II, PCIe and two PCI interfaces are offered. RAID 0 & 1 is also supported.

ATX– Rich Performance and Expandability

Measuring 305 x 244 mm and supporting up to 7 expansion slots, ATX boards are built for servers and high-end markets. Advantech's AIMB-764, supports the most demanding applications by using an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor and up to 8 GB of DDR 2 SDRAM. Five SATA II, PCIe and five PCI connectors enable extensive expansion. RAID 0, 1, 5 & 10 is also supported.

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