Design Your Own AdvancedTCA Solutions with ADLINK

By ADLINK Technology Inc.

ADLINK Technology offers a complete line of full-featured AdvancedTCA building blocks for use in high-performance and mission critical applications that require high functionality, reliability, and manageability. ADLINK provides four distinct functionalities – processor blades, hub switch blades, control modules, and chassis – in various versions to help build AdvancedTCA platforms and get products to market quickly.

ADLINK Builds Solutions to Customer Specifications

ADLINK is a full-service partner to build AdvancedTCA products utilizing its many options to best fit your application. Our capable engineers will evaluate your project and advise on how to best approach building an AdvancedTCA platform. We also offer pre- and post-sales support.

AdvancedTCA "Building Blocks"

ADLINK's AdvancedTCA portfolio features two processor blades, three switch blades, two control modules and a rackmount chassis.

The processor blades are available in either a dual processor configuration with the Low Voltage Intel® Xeon® processor 2.8GHz or a single processor configuration with the Intel® Xeon® processor 3.2GHz, both on an 800MHz system bus. Theses blades are PICMG 3.4 ATCA Advanced Switching Option 3 compliant, support quad ASI x4 fabric interface channels up to a five-slot full-mesh configuration at 32 Gbps, and provide dual DDR2-400 REG/ECC channels with up to 16 GB memory.

The AdvancedTCA hub switch boards with 19 GbE uplink ports support the PICMG 3.1 Ethernet backplane interconnect and offer a 24-port 10/100/1000Base-T base interface (12 node-slot, 8 egress, 2 SHMC ports, 1 inter-switch and 1 control plane port) and a 24-port 1000Base-BX fabric interface (14 node-slot, PICMG 3.0 option 1 ports, 2 egress, and 8 RTM ports). These switch blades also provide layer 2/3 packet switching and routing, support chassis of up to 14 slots, and include the Vitesse® VSC7310 GbE switch-on-a-chip.

The AdvancedTCA chassis management modules are PICMG 3.0 compliant and provide highly reliable hardware management of blades and subcomponents. Available in a 4U x 280mm x 4HP form factor, these modules utilize a Pigeon Point System® ShMM-500 based design and provide a redundant IPMB bus topology, a redundant shelf manager design, and a front panel access with dual 10/100Base-T Ethernet to fabric ShMC ports.

The rackmount chassis is a 5U five-slot AdvancedTCA rackmount system that supports full mesh topology fabric interface and standard Rear Transition Module slots. It is designed for a 19" rack and measures 15.3 inches deep. It is also equipped with a dual-bussed IPMB interface.

Get Products to Market Quickly

ADLINK's combined design expertise and AdvancedTCA products will ensure that your products are up and running quickly. Contact us today and see how we can give you an advantage with your AdvancedTCA platform.

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