RadiSys AdvancedTCA Products for High-Bandwidth Network Element and Dataplane Applications

By Todd Etchieson, Sr. Director ATCA, RadiSys Corporation

The RadiSys PromentumT ATCA family includes a fully-integrated application ready platform and modular building blocks configured for multiple applications. Going beyond simple building blocks, RadiSys' ATCA strategy delivers a common managed platform for network element and dataplane applications which offers a significant benefit to customers. Utilizing the same managed platform for a variety of applications, TEMs (Telecom Equipment Manufactuers) can reduce overall development time by up to 50 percent and significantly reduce development, lifecycle and equipment costs.

Until now, ATCA has been targeted for use in ancillary network control applications such as session setup, monitoring and management. With the introduction of the Promentum SYS-6010, the industry's first 10 Gigabit managed platform, and new modular building blocks, TEMs can now take advantage of ATCA in core traffic-bearing applications that require significantly greater bandwidth and traffic processing capabilities. The Promentum SYS-6010 delivers the highest speed I/O, switching and packet processing capabilities to be implemented in a managed ATCA platform and can be configured for use in applications such as IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), Radio Network Controllers, Media Gateways and Call Servers.

The SYS-6010 is a fully integrated and validated managed platform designed to address high speed I/O and bandwidth intensive traffic-bearing applications implemented in a flexible and reliable architecture complete with comprehensive system management. The embedded Promentum building blocks are implemented in a modular fashion with seamless interoperability. Modularity is made possible with Promentum building blocks and a suite of Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs), which can be used to configure functions such as general purpose and network processing, input/output, and storage.

RadiSys also includes data path and platform management software integrated into the Promentum product line. The software enables TEMs to focus on developing the higher value application layer rather then spending precious resources developing basic protocols and platform management solutions. For example, the data path and management software that is part of the Promentum products includes both ATM and IP internetworking as well as comprehensive shelf and blade management that meets the requirements of today's high-bandwidth ATCA network dataplane and network element applications.

The RadiSys Promentum family of ATCA products includes best in class modular building blocks, which range from switch and control modules, disk storage modules, and compute processing modules, to AdvancedMCs. The combination of an integrated, application ready platform and building blocks provides customers the flexibility and scalability to meet their requirements.

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