ATCA and MicroTCA - Building blocks for telecommunication systems

By Kontron

Cost pressure and raising requirements on system performance have set free the creative forces in the communication industries. Within the PICMGg, the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group, more than 250 leading companies have collaboratively developed the specifications for future communication systems to be built with commercial off the shelf components. Kontron is am major contributor to PICMGg and a leading supplier of solutions for CPCI, ATCA and MicroTCA.

Whith CompactPCI being successfully deployed in the industries, ATCA and MicroTCA take standardisation one step further. The technology targets to implement any system in a communication network, with ATCA closer to high performance systems in Core Networks, and MicroTCA closer to compact systems in Access Networks. MicroTCA uses the AMC modules of ATCA in a different housing. Among the applications for ATCA are Call Servers, Gateway Controllers, IMS, HLR/HSS, Media Gateway, Trunking Gateways, Signalling Gateways, Media Servers and Radio Network Controller. MicroTCA applies for DSL line termination (DSLAM), WiMAX Access Controllers, Base Stations and IP-PBXs. Despite the multitude of applications ATCA and MicroTCA allow to reduce the complexity of current system designs drastically by allowing to re-use the same combinations of building blocks. ATCA and MicroTCA introduce design patterns at systems level.

ATCA boards

AT8001 - First CPU blade with AMC support
Contains a Low Voltage Intel Xeon processor 2.8GHz @ 800MHz FSB, dual Gigabit Fabric and Base Interface and two slots for AMC modules.

AT8020 - Next generation CPU blade
Conatins a Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 2.0GHz with 16GB Memory, dual AMC support and a flexible Fabric Interface.

AT890X - Next generation Hub Board
Supports 14 and 16 slots (NEBS & ETSI shelves), a Fabric Interface switch on piggyback, comprehensive Layer 2 & 3 protocols, and 2 AMC slots.

AT8400 - AdvancedMC Carrier
The most advanced carrier board in market with 4 AMC slots, multi functional options for configuration.

AMC Modules

AM4001/2 and AM4010 - Processor module
Contains an Intel� Pentium� M processor up to 2 GHz, up to 4 GByte DDR-II memory (PC400) w/ ECC, is PICMG AMC.0, AMC.1, .2 and .3 compliant and allows for both, GbE OR PCI-Express as Fabric I/O. The AM4010 processor module will contain the next generation of Intel CPU, unique memory space and the latest competitive server chipset.

AM4500/20 � SATA/SAS module
Supports SATA with high capacity up to 100GB as 2.5 HDD drive, 7x24 hrs and SAS for high reliability at 1.500.000 MTBF.

AM4300- QUAD GbE module
Provides 4 x 10/100/1000Base-T port, which can be individually routed via IPMI, and supports Virtual LAN 802.3q VLAN tagging.

AM4310 � GbE Uplink
Provides redundant Interlink over multiple ATCA chassis, converts dual 10GbE / XAUI ports on AMC connector to 10 GbE XFI with dual XFP connectors and supports XFP hot pluggable connectors.

AM4330 - IPSec
Contains a Hifn HIPP-II 8155 IPSec encryption controller to offload host CPU interaction and maximize system performance and provides multi-protocol packet processing for security protocols.

Carrier Bundles
Carrier bundles combine components that are frequently used in communication systems into units ready for design.

Basic bundle
Combines 1x AT8400 carrier, 1x AM4002 CPU, 1x AM4300 GbE, 1x AM4520 SAS and 1x Spare together with carrier grade Linux installed. The RAID bundle adds one 1x AM4520 SAS in RAID configuration.

CPU bundle
Combines 1x AT8400 carrier board, 4x AM4002 CPU with carrier grade Linux.

DSP bundle
Combines 1x AT8400 carrier board with 1x AM4002 CPU and 3x AMC DSP with carrier grade Linux.

I/0 bundle
Combines 1x AT8400 carrier board with 1x AM4002 CPU and 3x AMC Interface module with 2 STM-1/OC-3 or 8 E1/T1 and carrier grade Linux.

Pre-configured Systems
Preconfigured Systems are ready for customer specific configurations. Among the most frequently used systems are:

AT 8901/2 GbE Hub System for 14 slot GbE Basic I/F (AT8901), 4 slots front side, or 14 slot GbE Fabric I/F (AT8902), 4 slots front side, or configurable Fabric I/F configurable (AT8903). Options include AM4001/2 CPU Modules or Interface AMC modules for STM-1/OC3 and E1/T1.

AT 8020 Quad Core Server Blade with Base I/F: 2x GbE, Fabric I/F: 2x GbE and 1x or 2x AM4520 Storage AMCs (80GB SAS each).

Services supporting systems design
Kontron also provides Professional Services to assist customers in systems design. The portfolio includes training & tutorials in ATCA systems and systems design, support in design & engineering, provision of pre-integrated systems according to customer specific designs, engineering support and systems validation. Systems validation includes conformance, interoperability, performance and benchmarks for Kontrons own products and 3rd party products. Kontron has developed own validation tools and supports customer projects in their R&D labs.

Kontron R&D lab for systems validation.

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