ZEUS EPIC format Intel PXA270 processor and Intel XSscale technology-based embedded controller

By Eurotech

The ZEUS is an ultra-low power, EPIC size single board computer based on the 520MHz Intel PXA270 processor with Intel XScale technology.

The ZEUS board is ideal for embedded communication solutions which require wireless connectivity for GPRS, iDEN or EVDO wireless services, as well as local connectivity to multiple LANs and low power wireless sensor networks (ZigBee). The board includes a wide input vehicle compatible power supply - ideal for applications in telematics.

The ZEUS includes a flat panel graphics controller with support for TFT, STN and (TFT) LVDS displays. The onboard soldered SDRAM and resident 32/64Mbytes Flash, dual 100baseTx Ethernet ports, 7 serial ports and USB host controller make this ideal for an embedded communications controller. The board includes an AC97 audio/codec, SecureDigital socket (SDIO), CompactFlash interface (CF+) and a standard PC/104 bus, all on a small, industry standard, (EPIC) footprint form factor board. The EPIC format is an industrial form factor measuring (165mm x 115mm).

The ZEUS includes a tightly coupled expansion module for either GPRS, iDEN or EVDO wireless modems along with an adapter for IEEE802.15.4 / ZigBee low power wireless networks.

The ZEUS is supported with Development Kits for embedded Linux and Windows CE 5.0.



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