Advantech Extended Leadership with Pre-configured Systems

By Advantech

Advantech leads the development of industrial computing platforms with pre-configured systems, combining the wide range of product selections with integration services. The pre-configured systems are built on a ready-to-operate design. Advantech eliminates the complexity of Industrial PC configurations and supplies value-added global integration services for customers. And, they are easy-to-order!

Advantech makes industrial computing solutions more accessible than ever! The pre-configured systems are quickstart- service and offer comprehensive product solutions with convenient access. Customers can enjoy surfing Advantech website and make a decision upon specific requirements with one quick click. With streamlined system integration services, customers are ready to start up within days.

To meet the precise specifications of different market segments, pre-configured systems use Advantech's most popular CPU boards, chassis, and backplanes, then integrate them with strictly selected peripheral components. Enclosure form factors range from compact 1U to the large 7U rackmount chassis and include compact wallmount units. Pre-configured systems are built with cutting edge PC technology and popular specifications: they are ready to operate upon installation of software, add-on cards and peripherals.

Pre-configured system offers exceptional industrial features: longevity, revision control, stability and reliability. To ensure customers enjoy the full benefit of industrial computing, only stable, durable components, such as Intel processors with a long-life cycle (of up to 3~5 years), are selected. As for control of peripheral components, Advantech certifies and will supply equivalent or superior replacements if existing peripherals are discontinued. Each pre-configured system undergoes rigorous testing to satisfy critical requirements for continuous operation under harsh conditions. All Advantech systems meet strict industrial and regulatory standards (CE, FCC and UL) for thermal endurance, resistance to humidity and power cycling performance.

In support of our feature-rich products, Advantech provides streamlined integration services enabling customers to freely specify system configurations. The system will then be assembled and tested by Advantech professional teams, and drop shipped to the designated address. Customers can focus on developing their applications and service, without spending effort on system assembly.

The SYS-4U4320- 2S01: Ultimate in Performance

The SYS-4U4320- 2S01 is a superb industrial 4U-high rackmount computing system utilizing Intel processors on LGA775 architecture. This unit features the powerful computing processing speeds up to 3.8 GHz, and a high storage capacity above 1TB. Supporting up to 10 PCI slots for great scalable expansion, the SYS-4U4320-2S01 is an ideal system platform for data intensive business, multimedia, and surveillance applications. The SYS-4U4320-2S01 is available immediately!

Powered by the Intel Pentium 4 processor, the SYS-4U4320- 2S01 optimizes computing capability with a Front Side Bus of 800 MHz. The system incorporates long-life Intel 915GV Express chipsets and features a maximum memory capacity of 4 GB of dual channel DDR2 400/533 SDRAM. The SYS-4U4320-2S01 also supports a high-bandwidth, Gigabit Ethernet interface with the maximum throughput of 2Gbps and is ideal for industrial applications where heavy network traffic is a major concern.

To satisfy expansion capacity requirements, the SYS- 4U4320-2S01 supports up to ten 32-bit/33 MHz PCI slots and two ISA slots to give customers scalability for future growth. The rugged unit provides abundant data storage solutions: two 5.25" and one 3.5" drive bays and two front-accessible SATA HDD trays. This feature permits installation of a RAID subsystem and offers storage capacity above 1 TB. The SYS- 4U4320-2S01 comes with front LED indicators for system monitoring. These features make SYS-4U4320-2S01 the best choice for price, performance, and total cost of ownership.

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