The ARK Series of Rugged and Reliable Embedded Box Computers

By Advantech

The ARK Series Features Component Synergy, for Extreme Reliability and Flexibility
Advantech's new ARK series is a complete line of embedded box computers designed to give developers fast, convenient and simplified solutions for industrial and embedded applications. Ranging in size from ultra compact, all-inone solutions to full-size CPU card systems, the ARK series provides developers with high performance computing platforms that free them to focus on creating leading applications.

The ARK series matches customer computing needs by offering a range of form factors, CPUs, storage, connectivity, chassis, I/O, OS, and customization support. From application-specific to all-in-one functionality, low power Intel® Pentium® M processor to powerful Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, Microsoft Embedded CE .NET to XPe, turn-key application ready to full customization using Advantech's Build To Order Service (BTOS)/Design To Order Service (DTOS), the ARK series can accelerate development of the most dynamic applications.

A Full Series
The full range of ARK platforms consists of; the ARK-1000 series, an ultra-compact application specific solution; the ARK-3380 series of compact fanless solutions; the ARK-5000 series with the Intel Pentium M processor and multiple slot expansion; the ARK-7000 series for applications needing all-in-one solutions with the highest computing and multimedia performance; and the ARK-9000 series for full-size card support along with maximum expansion and performance capability.

ARK-3380: The Most Powerful Fanless Intel® Pentium® M Embedded Box Computer
The ARK-3380 is a compact controller designed for space critical embedded applications, it comes housed in an extremely compact cast aluminum chassis that provides excellent protection from shock up to 50G, vibration up to 5G, dust, and cold & heat while acting as a functional heat sink to ensure lower temperature operation. All computers in the 3380 series combine powerful computing capability, fanless operation, low power use, extreme reliability & ruggedness, scalability, flexible I/O configuration and long product life support. The 3380 series product line uses fanless CPUs featuring the Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Celeron® processor 600 MHz, Intel Pentium M processor 1.1 GHz, or Intel® Pentium® M processor Low Voltage 1.4 GHz (uFCBGA Package). The ARK Series of Rugged and Reliable Embedded Box Computers By Advantech

ARK-5280 Series: Fanless, Half-size Slot Expandable Embedded Box Computer
The ARK-5280 is a powerful, robust and fanless Embedded Box Computer equipped with socket 479 that supports Intel Celeron M and Intel Pentium M processors, which are highly suitable for embedded and industrial PC applications requiring high processor performance within a limited space. Featuring two PCI slots for application expansion and system integration, ARK-5280 Embedded Box Computer also carries four USB 2.0 and two serial port I/O interfaces. It can support up to 2 GB DDR SDRAM of main memory and has dual independent display support from the built-in CRT/VGA and DVI interfaces that provides great flexibility within space critical environments. ARK-5280 comes in a robust sealed aluminum casting construction of a modularized design to offer maximum space efficiency. ARK-5280 also comes with a specially designed rubber anti-vibration card-holder for PC expansion boards, and anti-vibration HDDs to ensure maximum reliability. Customers will benefit from the simple modularized service-friendly design of ARK-5280 that allows quick installation, easy expansion and maintenance. With long life cycle support for product continuity to secure investment, the ARK-5280 is ideal for embedded system applications such as machine automation, and industrial plant and cabinet integration.

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