Endpoint Security - Meeting the Enterprise Challenge

By Rao Cherukuri, Vice Pesident of Strategic Marketing and Business Development, Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

We live in a highly connected enterprise environment that comprises a complex cornucopia of distributed data, satellite offices, remote access, wireless, Web services, mobile workers, smart handhelds, business extranets, electronic supply chains, and externally hosted enterprise software. All connections in these environments have endpoints. And all of these endpoints must be secure.

Today, enterprise data is accessed not only by enterprises devices, but also by home PCs, handhelds, and remote public devices such as kiosks. Enterprises are obliged to provide critical data access to roaming employees that use mobile devices as well as to partners and key customers. Mobile laptops, cell phones, and smart handheld devices have become equally sophisticated in terms of network and storage access.

In addition to the network, moving gigabytes of critical data can now be handled easily via USB keys and DVD writers (standard in most new computers. With this sea of change, traditional perimeter security is no longer sufficient-deeper endpoint security is required.

Traditional endpoint security, such as personal firewalls and anti-virus software to address known attacks, cannot safeguard against "zero-day" or impending attacks. In addition to network threats, storage media such as USB keys and DVDs can move-in or move-out large amounts of data with little notice. This type of access must be controlled at the device level. With ID theft and phishing attacks on the rise, simple name and password pairs are proving insufficient. The need for strong multi-factor authentication is not only becoming more important, but also is now mandatory in the financial sector because of Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidance.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) defines endpoint security (EPS) as a centrally managed enforcement of security policy at the client and network access-point level. The vision is to raise the security at the endpoint to the firewall and intrusion-prevention levels that exist at the network perimeter.

Phoenix is delivering on this endpoint security vision with a suite of solutions that include instant recovery from a zeroday attack (Recover Pro 6), centralized device monitoring and port-level policy enforcement, (Trust Tracker and Trust Shield), strong multi-factor authentication leveraging device ID (Trust Connector2), and biometric user authentication (BioTrustID).

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