Complete Industrial Computing Solutions Featuring Intel's New Processor Architecture

By Advantech

Advantech's new series of PC platforms incorporate Intel's latest processor architecture which features exciting system enhancements, like dual-channel memory, PCI Express technology and Serial ATA ports. These complete system solutions adhere to a variety of form factor: ranging from industrial ATX and microATX motherboards, PICMG single board computers, to a comprehensive range of 1U to 7U rackmount and wallmount chassis. They match the performance of commercial PCs, and are much more attractive with tough industrial features like longevity, expansibility, reliability and strict revision control. These new Intel processor-based platforms rise to the challenge of today's data-intensive business applications that demand graphics and image processing, and mission-critical surveillance systems.

Industrial ATX Motherboards
Advantech's industrial-grade motherboards optimize computing capacity and I/O performance. They are ideal for customers who require off-the-shelf products with built-in expansion capacities for PCI, PCI-X and graphic cards. These industrial motherboards are systemically compatible, and apply the same pin definitions and I/O port locations as all PICMG single board computers (SBCs). Therefore, computer systems may be upgraded seamlessly to SBCs for even more flexibility and expansibility.

The brand new industrial-grade AIMB-762 motherboard supports dual-core Intel Pentium D or Intel Pentium 4 processors to take on major computing tasks. The graphics performance is scaled up with integrated graphics and an exclusive PCI-Express x16 expansion slot. As an added bonus, the AIMB-762 provides reliable and cost-effective data protection with software support for RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 functions. This board offers a performance solution for multimedia and multi-tasking applications.

The compact PCIe-based industrial Micro-ATX motherboard AIMB-560 is built for space-limited and cost-sensitive applications. This board is equipped with advanced I/O's, including: dual PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet, four Serial-ATA devices, and eight USB ports. Three 32-bit/33 MHz PCI slots are available to support the most current expansion devices.

PICMG Single Board Computers
Advantech has built a reputation for leadership in the edge-connected single board computer industry. Compliant with PICMG 1.0 and PICMG 1.3 standards, these full-sized SBCs features comprehensive backplane support and are the most flexible and expansible solutions for industrial slot-hungry applications. A wide range of Advantech backplanes are available, ranging from four to twenty slots, and allow optimal system configurations with flexible combinations of PCIe (x1, x4, x 8, or x16), 64-bit/32-bit PCI and ISA slots. They're also tailor-made to fulfill precise application requirements.

The upcoming server platform, the PCE-7210, is a PICMG 1.3 compliant full-sized CPU card. Built to support dual Intel Xeon processor, this power-efficient DDR2-400 memory-based platform enables dual-processor servers to enhance system performance. The other PICMG 1.3 compliant SBC, the PCE-5120, supports dual-core Intel Pentium D or Intel Pentium 4 processors. One PCIe x4 lanes for the connection for peripherals and one PCIe x16 lanes for graphics support are also available. Both the PCE-7210 and the PCE-5120 support on board IPMI module for powerful platform management. They are coming soon in the end of Q2.

The new available PICMG 1.0 compliant SBC, the PCA-6190, is attractive with the Gigabit Ethernet interface with a maximum throughput of 2 Gbps for dual Gigabit LANs. It's perfect for industrial applications that experience heavy network traffic.

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