Adding System Functionality to PXA-based Embedded Platforms


The Embedded Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (PCA) family of processors, based on Intel XScale® microarchitecture, is a popular choice for a broad range of power-sensitive applications including digital consumer handhelds, portable medical equipment and industrial systems. However, in many cases, an embedded system will require additional functionality that is not natively supported on the embedded processor.

QuickLogic® delivers programmable companion devices for the Intel® PXA2xx processor family. These µWatt Programmable Bridges allow designers to add additional system functionality cost effectively, enabling customers to reuse their existing software code base.

QuickLogic’s µWatt Programmable Bridge includes an interface to the processor’s memory bus that ensures a seamless connection to all Intel PXA2xx processor-based devices. The bridge also incorporates the appropriate bus interfaces, controllers and buffer memory required to link to external networking, storage and imaging peripherals.

System Deliverables

In addition to the bridge component, QuickLogic provides a daughter card for the Intel® PXA27x Developer’s Kit. The board includes a number of connectors to support miniPCI, SDIO and IDE-based peripherals.

QuickLogic provides reference software drivers in source code form for a number of external peripherals, including the Atheros® WLAN chipset and Hitachi’s disk drives for Linux, Windows® CE v5.0 and Windows Mobile™.

For customers that need to make modifications to the reference design, there are three options available. Firstly, QuickLogic’s Design Services Group can develop custom implementations. Secondly, QuickLogic can provide standard FPGA development tools and support to enable customers to change the design. Finally, customers can contact a number of independent design houses who are familiar with developing products based on QuickLogic’s technology.

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