Arium’s ECM-XDP3: Start a Design Chain Reaction with the Intel® Atom™ Processor

The ECM-XDP3 emulator is Arium’s new hardware-assisted debug solution for the latest Intel® processors. The product is used to debug BIOS, UEFI, BSPs, device drivers, Linux kernels, kernel modules, and applications.

Arium designed the ECM-XDP3 and the Arium software interface to be optimized for the Intel® Atom™ processor family.

SourcePoint™ Debugger

Included with the ECM-XDP3 is Arium’s SourcePoint debugging software. The debugger interface is part of the company’s core technology, developed specifically for IA and SoC design and debug. The 32-bit application runs on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista and numerous Linux platforms and supports targets running various operating systems.

The Arium ECM-XDP3 JTAG Emulator is the market leader in Features and Performance:

  • Powerful - Arium emulators are the only debug tools that give you real time debugging solutions directly out of system reset.
  • Innovative - Arium focuses on the user when crafting their tools. A quick symbols finder, a single view for displaying devices, current viewpoint tracking - the little things that quickly add up.
  • Flexible - The ECM-XDP3 offers a number of firmware and software-related customizable options to provide a debug environment that best meets customers’ needs.
  • Integrated & Intuitive – The ECM-XDP3, with its companion Source-Point™ interface, provides a highly integrated, intuitive tool designed with developers needs in mind.
  • Other important features: Execution trace, Real time operation, Multi-processor (SMP) support, In-line assembly, Robust scripting language, Code/data search and replace, Self-diagnostic test suite, and it is designed to accommodate future debug port requirements.
  • Fully Supported – Arium’s highly trained staff of design engineers provide telephone, e-mail, and web-based, interactive support. In addition, installation guides, technical papers, and software downloads are available at http://www.arium.com.

Arium has been the primary market supplier of hardwareassisted debug tools since 1992, and is a member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance.

Contact Information

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