RealNet Solutions

(Wireless LAN Software Solutions Provider)

RealNet Solutions offers industry proven embedded Linux based WLAN (IEEE 802.11a/b/g) AP/Bridge/Gateway (Real-AP) framework software as below and customization services. This is also available on a RealTime OS platform for C EXECUTIVE.

Our Real-AP/Bridge framework includes all the software components necessary to implement a variety of WLAN infrastructure solutions, including the network protocol stacks, device drivers and a comprehensive set of management tools.

Real-AP can be configured as following:

  • 1. Conventional WLAN AP or Gateway
  • 2. AP Client
  • 3. Point-to-Point Bridge (single WDS)
  • 4. Point-to-Multipoint Bridge (multiple WDS)
  • 5. Wireless Repeater
  • 6. Mesh-AP

Following features will also be supported by March’05:

  • 1. Wi-Fi Multimedia Support (subset of IEEE 802.11e)
  • 2. WPA2 (subset of IEEE 802.11i)
  • 3. EAP-FAST
  • 4. SNMP - IEEE 802.11 MIB
  • 5. Multiple SSID/VLAN with multiple security profiles
  • 6. 4.9 GHz frequency band support for public safety markets

The above framework is supported in the following platform:

  • Intel® IXP425 network processor based hardware
  • Intel® x86 processor based hardware
  • MIPS® based WiSoC hardware
  • PowerPC based MPC 8245 hardware

WLAN chipsets support:

  • Atheros - AR5002, AR5004 and AR5006 (RealNet is Atheros Authorized Design Center)
  • Broadcom - BCM47xxx, BCM53xx (to be released) (RealNet is Broadcom WLAN Technology Partner)

Licensing Model:

  • Source or Binary Licensing with any customization services as NRE

Target Customers:

  • ODMs
  • OEMs
  • WISPs
  • System Integrators

Customers from following market segments:

  • Homeland Security/Public Safety
  • DoD
  • Enterprise
  • WISPs
  • University Campuses
  • Libraries
  • Consumer Electronics

For further information, please email to info@realnetsi.com or call 408-242-0978.

Contact Information

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