Custom Design - Advantech Module Solutions and Design-To-Order Service for Quick Time-to-Market

Modularity supports differentiation by adding features specific to certain markets while also retaining existing development IP. Advantech offers a full range of System On Module (SOM) solutions and Design To Order Service (DTOSTM) to enhance OEM/ODM customer application development by saving time and money in product development.

Advantech’s multiple SOM platforms and Design To Order Service enable design partners and system integrators to leverage Advantech’s valuable technical resources such as BIOS customization, embedded software development and access to a rich IP library. These building blocks allow expansion to support unique vertical markets like embedded applications in industrial control, network communications, mobile devices, automotive, panel-based operation interfaces, multimedia appliances, medical equipment, transportation, military and industrial grade embedded products.

System On Module design simply brings signals to base board for quick time-to-market

System On Module

System On Module (SOM) is a ready-to-use, powerful and flexible CPU platform for customers to build their applications around. Our customers only have to design the customer solution board (CSB). This customer solution board, which is usually application specific, can be 100 % designed by the customer, or use Advantech’s engineering team or design partner to develop it for them.

System On Module Benefits

  • Faster time to market
  • Cost savings and reduced business risks
  • Scalable CPU choices and upgrades
  • Decreased customer design requirements and technical complexity
  • Feature upgrade and expansion capability
  • Low profile

System On Module Product Offering

Designed on a highly integrated structure based on ARM and Intel XScale® technology, Advantech SOM-A200 and SOM-N200 architectures are new System On Module (SOM) form factors with complete low-level software ported including boot-loader, device drivers and OS kernel. This makes Advantech’s SOM a complete and functional SBC platform - with a ready-to-run system. X86 SOM series are highly integrated Single Board Computers which provide perfect solutions for system expansion and application-specific customization. Three powerful product lines are available: compact SOM-144 series, high integration SOM-ETX series, and high performance SOM-ETXplus and SOM-ETXexpress series.

Board and system custom design with software integration

Design To Order Service

Advantech’s Design To Order Service (DTOS) offers customers the latest embedded computing technology, the fastest time to market, the best service and support for customized embedded solutions. With more than twenty years experience developing solutions for the industrial and embedded computing market, Advantech is well positioned to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. When customers come to Advantech needing a customized embedded solution, they benefit from the immediate knowledge provided that can help their particular project.

Advantech DTOS Benefits

  • Flexible NRE charges than traditionally associated with ODM projects
  • 20 years experience on computing platform development
  • CPU core engines are upgradeable on SOM-DTOS
    • Faster development time / time-to-market

For manufacturing, chip/board/system level design, software integration and strong support and service before, during and after project completion, Advantech brings an immediate competence to any project. For more information, please check: www.advantech.com/dtos/

Embedded OS Service

Advantech embedded software mission is to “enhance quality of life with Advantech platforms together with Embedded OS technology.“ Now we enable Microsoft Windows® Embedded products on Advantech platforms to more effectively support the embedded computing community. Customers are freed from the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors (hardware suppliers, system integrators, embedded OS distributor) for projects. Our goal is to make Windows Embedded solutions easily and widely available to the embedded computing community. This is our commitment to customers who are looking for reliable embedded software solutions. Embedded Linux solutions are provided on a project basis. For more information, please check: www.advantech.com/ess/

Premier Design and Manufacturing Service

With over twenty years of world-class design and manufacturing experience, Advantech has the business and technological maturity to work with you as a long-term ODM partner. We understand your unique design and manufacturing challenges and the key market trends you fast time-to-market, rapidly changing technologies, and increasing design complexity. We have what it takes to help you overcome these challenges and turn your vision into reality.

Whether you are looking to put out hardware, software, or integrated solutions into the market, you will do it faster and better through the Advantech Design and Manufacturing Service. You will get reliable, open standards solutions from the leading innovator in development and manufacturing - plus dedicated resources and support to back them up.


SOM-ETXplus Module with CPU, VGA/LVDS, Audio & LAN (SOM-5580)

  • SOM-ETXplus form factor (95 mm x 144 mm)
  • Intel® Pentium® M processor
  • Supports AGP interface
  • Supports Serial ATA design / Gigabit Ethernet
  • Supports 6 ports host USB 2.0
  • Supports up to dual channel LVDS panels

SOM-ETX Module with CPU, VGA/LVDS, Audio & LAN (SOM-4481)

  • SOM-ETX form factor (95 mm x 114 mm)
  • Intel® Pentium® M processor
  • Supports PCI / ISA interface
  • Supports 4 ports host USB 2.0 / 1.1
  • Supports up to dual channel LVDS panels

Intel® PXA255 Processor + Advantech EVA-C210 + Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET (SOM-A2558)

  • SOM-A200 compact-size form factor (68 mm x 68 mm x 6.8 mm)
  • Power management ready support with Normal, Idle, Suspend, Off mode
  • OS-ready package for Windows CE .NET 4.2/Linux Installation
  • Local bus(AMI Bus), comprehensive I/O interfaces as PS/2 port, Ethernet
  • Boot option by onboard Flash or CFC makes easy maintenance and cost
  • Provide a variety of reconfiguration options to fulfill specific requirements
  • Design-in Kit package is available for complete design-in support
  • Optional RISC CE-Builder assists for customer own image development

Intel® PXA255 Processor + SMI SM501 graphic chip w/8 MB Embedded SDRAM + Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET (SOM-A255F)

  • Triple-Chip integration offers full SBC-level functionality on a 68 mm x 102mm x 6.8 mm form factor
  • Ultra low power platform with additional high performance graphic controller
  • OS-ready package for Windows CE .NET 4.2 /Linux Installation
  • Local bus (AMI Bus), comprehensive I/O interfaces, such as Ethernet, PS/2
  • Boot option by onboard Flash or CFC makes easy maintenance and cost
  • Design-in Kit Package available for complete design-in support
  • Optional RISC CE-Builder assist with customer image development
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