Most Flexible Modularized Core™2 Duo Network Application Platform with Advanced Intel® Q35 Chipset

In the common networking environments of the 21 centenary, people are skeptic about the needs to build up network security equipments in their own networks. Their primary concerns are how to make the redundant systems with managed capability, networking connections with expandability and best efficiency for computing power with networking throughput to their network security equipments. Most important is the administrator can manage or determine the network security device remotely; or the network device can automatically alert or report the status to the administrator, even if the OS kernel boots up failed, the network device still in a running mode without down time due to the secondary OS picked. We realized the UTM (Unified Threat Management) device is a mainstream application in network security market, they request a reliable and efficient network security device as well as time-to-market, therefore, AXIOMTEK rolls out an entire new generation network application hardware platform adopting Intel® Core™2 Duo processor and advanced Intel® Q35 chipset which enables software solution provider to obtain a powerful networking system. The software solution provider can easily implement their programs on this most outstanding network application platform – NA-821.

The Challenges

Network security solution providers are familiar with their specific application programs. They requested a network hardware platform should be fulfilled with many new technologies and functions such as LAN bypass, intrusion detection for case open, programmable LED by software, AMT, VT functions indeed. How to engage these features with their application programs together is one of our challenges, hence AXIOMTEK provided the SDK (system development kit) for different Linux OS kernel environments. Furthermore, for networking deployments by customers’ requirements or environments, AXIOMTEK can offer different LAN module combinations into their systems and keep consistent LAN scanning sequence. This network hardware unit can break through the limitation of network bandwidth by advanced PCI Express bus LAN chip as well as it can speed up the processing performance by new generation Core™2 Duo processor. Solving thermal and acoustic issues are our core technologies for this super slim type 1U network application platform.

The Solution

AXIOMTEK developed a new network application platform, the NA-821, which helps software solution provider to deploy their new total solutions. The NA-821 features Intel® Core™2 Duo processor (Conrole / Wolfdale) with FSB 1333 MHz and latest Intel® Q35+ICH9-DO chipset.


    • Extreme performance Intel® Core™2 Duo processor, up to FSB 1333

    • Supports PCIe I/O slots for LAN modules expansion

    • Supports BIOS redirected to COM port features

    • Supports Intel® AMT (Active Management Technology) for remote management (optional)

    • Supports two S-ATA 2.5” HDD and RAID feature for event log or proxy data

    • Smart fan and intrusión control for case open

For enclosure management capability, we implement the Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) feature on this hardware platform. It supports the “remote reset”, “remote healed”, “remote discover and troubleshooting” and “proactive alert” and enables the code base of BIOS and sample code effectively. Besides, the Intel supported the “AMT developer tool kit” for software solution provider; meanwhile, we also has support “serial over Ethernet” feature. The administrator can do the BIOS redirection to Ethernet which means the administrator can track the BIOS status through Ethernet. Regarding the redundant OS backup function, we have implemented the Intel VT (Virtualization technology) on this hardware platform. The software solution provider can cooperate with third-party vendor (for instance, VMware) for this total solution availability.

With a network modularized design,

AXIOMTEK’s NA-821 can support the maximum of 11 Ethernet ports. It has two slots for LAN modules expansion. In addition, there are five LAN modules available for selection by different requirements accordingly. They include four Gigabit LAN ports with RJ-45 connectors (PCIe or PCI transaction bus), two Gigabit LAN ports with fiber (SFP & Mini-GBIC), and three Gigabit LAN ports with RJ-45 connectors (including management port) and two Gigabit LAN ports with RJ-45 connectors. Each module supports LAN bypass feature and independent WDT control. It is highly flexible and efficient for the final network configuration.

Extreme computing power and powerful performance, The NA-821 supported next generation mainstream Intel® Core™2 Duo processor. The front side bus of this processor can be up to 1333 MHz. The north bridge is Intel® Q35 which can support the DDR2 800 system memory and S-ATA II channels. Adopting the NA-821, you will experience pretty good system performance and easy storage access than traditional platforms.

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