Insyde H2O™ UEFI Firmware

By Insyde Software

InsydeH2O is Insyde's product family that uses the UEFI Framework technology in order to allow ODMs and OEMs to substantially improve their efficiency while performing new hardware designs. This system software product provides the "Hardware-2-OS" bridge, and is designed to exist through the next 20 years.

Unlike the conventional 16-bit real-mode BIOS technology, InsydeH2O BRD (BIOS Replacement Drivers) runs in 32-bit protect mode. In addition to employing the modern software technologies, InsydeH2O CSM (Compatibility Support Module) provides all the necessary backward-compatibility. This includes the run-time BIOS interfacing and support for Option ROMs.

InsydeH2O is WHQL-compliant, designed to provide the most advanced features and maximum system compatibility for embedded designed with the latest BIOS replacement software technology.

Based on the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI this product line is CPU and chipset technology neutral, allowing PC makers to select the most appropriate hardware components to meet their market requirements. Because the sources are hardware technology neutral, the same source code can be used to develop and then deploy across different segments from notebooks to desktops to servers, including those with different instruction sets and silicon components.

Key Features:

  • Standard industry-wide architectural interfaces via open specifications
  • "C vs. Assembly - Maximize engineering productivity
  • Reusable S/W modules – write firmware once, shorten project development time
  • Better support for pre-boot applications with built-in EFI environment

Supported Intel® Products:
Entire range of Intel® Embedded Silicon and Development Kits

Compatible Operating Systems:
All Windows, Linux, RTOS

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