RapiDex™ Board Customization Service


In addition to standard motherboard and Computer-on-Module (COM) products, Emerson now enables cost-effective embedded solutions by tailoring the motherboard design to match your requirements.

Introducing the RapiDex™ board customization service from Emerson Network Power.

Emerson’s unique design and manufacturing technology delivers quick turns with minimal setup fees. First boards are delivered within eight (8) weeks of the order. Any following production order has a volume commitment of only 100 pieces, with unit costs comparable to standard products.

Emerson’s rapid customization capability can remove the need to use a less optimized standard product, leading to improved cost, space and power profiles.

As one of the most respected vendors in the embedded board space, Emerson is a Premier member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance and collaborates closely with Intel to enable customers to bring products to market quickly. Emerson’s RapiDex service is based on select embedded Intel® processors and chipsets, with custom boards available within a few weeks of silicon launch. The first supported platform is the Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series coupled with the Intel® Platform Controller Hub EG20T. This ultra low power Intel Atom processor variant supports soldered down memory and a wide variety of interfaces.

The manufacturing setup fee covers a number of services including:

  • Custom heat-spreader design
  • Custom shield design
  • Development support
  • Custom BIOS splash screen
  • Flat panel support adaptation for common panels
  • Three-year supply commitment
  • Two-year warranty

Additional services available include:

  • Longevity of supply
  • Extended warranty
  • Major BIOS customization
  • BIOS/security updates
  • OS certification
  • Driver development
  • Custom form factor design
  • Chassis and power integration


  • Custom motherboards, COMs,or COM Express carriers
  • Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Designed and built by Emerson
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