PMC -SD18 and XMC -SD18 SATA HDD /SDD Storage Modules

These new SATA Storage Modules are offered in both PMC and XMC formats. Both provide high capacity SATA storage using compact 1.8 inch hard disk (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD) - up to 160GB of storage is available with either drive type. Whether configured with an economical rotating HDD or with a highly shock-resistant SSD, these low profile modules fit comfortably into VITA 42.3-compatible VME, CompactPCI®, AdvancedTCA®, and PCI Express processor boards without risk of mechanical interference.

The onboard 4-port SATA controller provides 3 additional external drive interfaces. OS support includes Windows, Linux, Solaris x86, and Solaris SPARC. Critical military and aerospace applications will appreciate the high operating shock resistance (1000+ G) and high MTBF (over 1 million hours) when configuring these modules with the latest SSD technology.

Product Features

  • High-capacity 1.8 inch SATA storage PMC and XMC
  • Low cost rotating HDDs for normal uses
  • Up to 160GB SSD storage capacity
  • Featuring Intel advanced SSD technology (80GB and up)
  • 3 additional SATA channels
  • Windows, Linux and Solaris support
  • Customization and 3rd party integration welcomed, extended availability assured


PDSi - Pinnacle Data Systems Inc

PDSi - Pinnacle Data Systems Inc

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