6WIND Gate Multicore Packet Processing Software

6WINDGate™ is the Gold Standard in packet processing software for networking equipment, wireless infrastructure, security appliances and data centers. It provides up to 10x the packet processing performance of a standard networking stack, significantly improving the price-performance and power-performance ratios of networking equipment.

6WINDGate is compatible with standard Operating System APIs (e.g. Netfilter, Netlink etc). This ensures that clients can migrate either from a single-core to a multicore platform, or from one multicore platform to another, without needing to rewrite their existing software. Clients minimize the development time for their base multicore software platform, focusing on their unique product differentiation and accelerating their time-to-market.

With a full set of Layer 2 through Layer 4 protocols for routing, switching, security and mobility, optimized for multicore systems, 6WINDGate is a drop-in replacement for standard networking stacks. The majority of packets are processed in a fast path environment, executing outside the operating system for optimum performance. Available protocols include:

  • VLAN, link aggregation, GRE, PPP, L2TP, GTP, MPLS;
  • IP forwarding, IP tunneling, routing and virtual routing, IP Multicast, Mobile IP;
  • IPsec, IKE, firewall, NAT, QoS;
  • UDP, TCP, SCTP, flow inspection;
  • High Availability support;
  • XML-based management, CLI, web management.

6WINDGate supports multicore processors from Cavium, Freescale, Intel and NetLogic.




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