Securing a Multicore, Dual OS, Wireless Medical Platform

Prototype, off-the-shelf platform proves both technical viability of Linux-based software and chip-board package with wireless sensor array for hospital patients

By John Blyler and Dave Bursky

A Linux-based software company has teamed up with chip and board manufacturer to deliver a proofof- concept (PoC) wireless sensor platform for the medical community. The PoC or prototype platform was designed to eliminate the need for bulky and cumbersome wires that connect sensors on a hospital patient to computer-based monitoring equipment.

Using wireless technology, the prototype platform will enable the connection of more than 25 Bluetooth wireless biometric sensors to a patient’s body. The platform will then graphically portray the patient’s sensor data on a computer running a Microsoft Window’s operating system.

The software, called LynxSecure by LynuxWorks, uses virtualization technology to enable a Linux-based and Windows operating systems to run in parallel on a hardware platform – a Portwell Mini-ITX board with an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor. This prototype demonstrates to the medical community both the proof of a wireless sensor approach as well as the integration of commercially available subsystems to create the platform.