MATXM-C2-410-B MicroATX Motherboard

The Emerson Network Power MATXM-C2-410-B is a MicroATX motherboard designed to ease deployment in a range of retail applications such as point-of-sale (POS) terminals, interactive product displays and customer kiosks. It has a unique midplane which creates a level of modularity sufficient to allow cost-effective replacement during deployment. By routing all power and LCD display cabling through the midplane, the likelihood of cabling errors during maintenance is reduced.

Designed to support a wide range of POS peripherals, MATXM-C2-410-B has both 12 and 24 V PoweredUSB connections. These are suitable for powering devices like bar code scanners and POS printers without the expense of additional power supplies. This motherboard supports dual independent displays and has VGA/LVDS and HDMI interfaces for connection to the widest possible range of displays.

By minimizing the need for additional power supplies for peripherals and utilizing innovative power management features, the MATXM-C2-410-B can significantly reduce energy consumption. Low noise is very important in the retail environment and by providing energy saving features, the MATXM-C2-410-B can minimize noise during operation periods. By utilizing features like Intel® vPro™ technology, it is possible to remotely power on and turn off the system overnight to reduce carbon emissions and lower the total cost of ownership.


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