PicoTCA™ 2U Shelf

By Kaparel

The Rittal-Kaparel PicoTCA chassis is a modular 19” Stainless Steel chassis in 2U design supporting up to 12 AMC and an MCH in full–size and compact form factors, and as an option also in “double full-size”. The integrated 90-264 VAC power pack supplies the necessary voltages of 3.3V for the IPMI and 12V for the AMCs.

PicoTCA was developed for laboratory and field environments and reflects essentially the specifications of PICMG MicroTCA 0.R1.0. Existing and new applications can be migrated to this MicroTCA platform both quickly and cost effectively. This represents a decisive benefit for developers of industrial and telecommunications applications.

In this version, an MCH (MicroTCA Carrier Hub) is supported via the backplane. The chassis is designed such that communication protocols compliant with AMC.1 Type 4 (PCIe and Advanced Switching), AMC.2 Type 4, AMC.2 E2 (GbE) and AMC.3 (SAS/SATA) can all be handled. For SAS and SATA AMC boards, a point-to-point connection is realised via the backplane, so that each slot is able to communicate directly with its neighbouring slots via ports 2 and 3. The extremely compact external dimensions, furthermore, permit the chassis to be installed in 300 mm ETSI enclosures. Two independent fan trays ensure reliable cooling of the individual AMC power modules and the MCH (push-pull). Customer-specific designs and backplanes can be supplied upon request.

Compact, complete and ready-to-run !!

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