AdvancedTCA System Platforms

RiTCA – complete range of products for AdvancedTCA platforms

With RiTCA, Kaparel presents a new, forward-looking generation of products for AdvancedTCA chassis systems. Kaparel’s AdvancedTCA portfolio is sure to impress with 99.999% system availability, high speed backplanes and systems designed for full redundancy backed up by Kaparel’s vast library of deployed fail-safe systems.

The new RiTCA generation of products includes complete standard system solutions for ATCA 5U, 12U and 13-U, including shelf management, backplanes in (Full Mesh, Dual Star) completely wired and function-tested. The range of products is complemented by filler panels, face plates and AMC/ATCA carriers in two designs.

The 13 U ATCA systems are at the same time equipped with the new hot swappable, high-performance RiCool -3 Blowers. With 320 mł/h maximum delivery volume and 71 mm static pressure, the efficient third-generation blowers offer more performance and at the same time a reduced noise level (64 dB at full load), with optional 2 or 4 PEM versions.

Kaparel, a Rittal Company, is actively involved in PICMG standardization efforts and offers an extensive product range for ATCA, MTCA, CPCI, and VME-64ext backplanes, Shelf Management, Power Modules and fully assembled and tested shelf solutions.

One supplier, one manufacturer, one quality standard. As the leading system supplier, Kaparel is your one-stop partner for electronic know-how and a reliable promise of all-inclusive competence – worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • High speed backplanes up to 10 Gbps, designed for advanced switching, Ethernet, Infiniband, S-RapidIO and Star-Fabric.
  • Stainless Steel construction provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • Redundant Hot swappable fan-trays utilizing the unique RiCool-3 intelligent blowers with internal speed control and flame sensors, cooling up to 200 W/Slot
  • Shielding effectiveness for proven compliance with NEB’s, FCC and EU standards
  • Designed for dual Shelf Managers (Pigeon Point-500, Intel Wagon Tire and Vadatech).

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