AAEON Introduces The World No.1 Boxer Extreme Embedded Controller--AEC-7450

The first debut in the BOXER extreme series is the AEC-7450, which plays an important role in the embedded market.

Taipei Taiwan (January 07, 2009)--AAEON announces the launch of a new BOXER series—The BOXER Extreme Series. The first debut in the BOXER extreme series is the AEC-7450, which plays an important role in the Embedded market. The world’s No. 1 embedded controller represents the main features of high speed, fanless operation in extreme hot and cold environments (from –45oC to 70oC).

The AEC-7450 is based on the high-speed Intel Pentium M processor (up to 1.8GHz). The system memory is DDR SDRAM 1GB (onboard) with ECC function. The ultra fast, fanless, and extreme low and high operating temperatures make the AEC-7450 the premier Embedded Controller. In addition, the AEC-7450 equips SATA, IDE, and an internal CompactFlash socket for better storage. It accommodates two COM ports, four USB2.0 ports, and two Gigabit Ethernet ports for a faster and more flexible connection. Moreover, the AEC-7450 offers line-in/ line-out/ mic-in functions to ensure high quality audio features.

“In the current embedded market, it is rare to have a fanless, high performance and price competitive embedded controller. The AEC-7450 is the first with these features while at the same time designed to meet the demands of robust applications in harsh environments such as military, transportation, railway, aviation, marine, and medical applications. The target markets of the AEC-7450 are North America, Scandinavia, Russia, Middle Europe, and Middle East Areas. The AEC-7450 integrates the compact size, excellent heat sink, high reliability, and low noise features to a single computer. The wide operating temperature range makes the AEC-7450 a great solution to adapt to severe climate conditions.” -- Linux Wang, product manager of AAEON Panel Appliance and Automation Division.

The AEC-7450 adopts the key design concepts from the BOXER series -- fanless, rugged aluminum alloy chassis outfit, and patented heat spreading system. This model unfolds the new era of embedded controller designs because of its wide temperature capabilities. By catering to the rugged application environment and achieving a higher processing performance, the AEC-7450 is absolutely the first choice for your vital systems and applications. For more product information, please go to www.aaeon.com.

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