Innovasic Semiconductor Pin-Compatible Intel® 80C186XL and Intel® 80C188XL Processors

According to Innovasic Semiconductor, engineering samples will be available Q2 2009 for the IA186XL and IA188XL. These will be form, fit and function compatible with the original 16-bit highintegration embedded Intel® 80C186XL and 80C188XL processors, and are low power, fully static versions of the 80C186 and 80C188. The Innovasic version supports internal 20-33 MHz operation and is industrial temperature grade. They have the same set of peripherals as the Intel® devices, including the standard numeric interface, interrupt control unit, chip-select unit/Ready Generation Logic, DRAM refresh control unit, power management unit, three 16-bit timer/counters, and two independent DMA channels. The IA186XL and IA188XL are available in 68-Pin PLCC, 80-Pin PQFP, and 80-Pin LQFP RoHS compliant packages.