Shuttle Barebone X27D Features Dual-Core Intel® Atom™ Processor 330

Figure: All of the functions of the Shuttle Barebone X2700 are managed by an Intel chip set.

Shuttle Inc. has introduced its Shuttle Barebone X27D, the first Shuttle barebone to have a dualcore Intel® Atom™ 330 working inside. All functions are managed by an Intel® 945GC Express chipset. “The performance advantage of the two CPU cores with hyper-threading is almost imperceptible in the power consumption—a technical masterstroke,” explains Tom Seiffert, head of marketing and PR at Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH. The low waste heat of the Intel Atom processor allows for passive cooling without the need for a CPU fan. Barely 7 cm in height, the Shuttle Barebone X27D comes with Gigabit-LAN, six-channel audio, two monitor connectors, Serial ATA, and support for up to 2 GBytes of DDR2 memory. Any Slimline drive plus a hard disk or a robust solid-state disk (SSD) in 2.5-in. format can be housed internally. Six USB connectors enable expansions outside of the case. Power to the Shuttle Barebone X27D is provided by an external, fanless, 60-W power supply. aspx/tabid-53/140_read-15008/