Embedded World 2009 Exhibition & Conference: Embedded World once again chasing records

    • Around 14 percent new exhibitors
    • High internationality: 32 percent
    • embedded world Conference: programme online
    • electronic displays Conference: programme online
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    The No. 1 event in the embedded world is impressively continuing its record-chasing run. From 3rd to 5th March 2009 the embedded world Exhibition&Conference will be held. embedded world has clearly expanded in almost all the key fair statistics. “Even at this stage, just a few months before the launch of embedded world 2009, we have exceeded the results compared to the same period last year: in terms of space we have surpassed the top year of 2008 by ten percent, the results are also similar for exhibitors. In this area the fair is growing by 14 percent”, explains Alexander Mattausch, Project Director, embedded world Exhibition&Conference, NürnbergMesse.

    “In the months leading up to embedded world, we will continually work towards the success of the world’s largest embedded event. I am sure that the trade world can look forward to an even larger and more international event”, Mattausch went on to say. This is now already confirmed by the figures. In terms of space the fair is growing by over ten percent, while the exhibitor volume is rising by 14 percent.

    embedded world Conference 2009: programme online

    With the embedded world Conference, in 2009 DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK is once again presenting the leading European event for the Embedded Community covering all areas of Embedded System development. In addition to hardware, software and tools, the conference will for the first time also be devoting itself to themes such as green electronics or project management and thus picking up current trends and developments.

    In their lectures, outstanding experts and specialists from the embedded community will provide answers to the most pressing matters and ensure that the embedded systems developers are best prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. With 24 sessions and 20 classes the programme at the embedded world Conference once again promises to be an interesting and lively congress event exactly tailored to the requirements of the development engineers.

    In addition to the real-time operating systems experts (Dr. David Kalinsky), Embedded Linux (Prof. Nicholas McGuire), Embedded Security (Prof. Christof Paar) and model-based development (Dr. Bruce Powel Douglass), in Paul Anderson, Keith Curtis and Ken Withaker, we have succeeded in acquiring the services of outstanding speakers on current issues from the areas of software quality, multi-tasking and project management.

    The embedded world Conference 2009 themes overview:


    • Network Technologies
    • Wireless Technologies
    • Multicore Processing
    • Development Tools
    • Microprocessor Architectures and Cores
    • Cryptography and Embedded Security
    • Graphical User Interface
    • Memory in Embedded Systems
    • M2M-Communication
    • Automotive Applications
    • System on Chip
    • Software Development Methods I, II
    • CompactPCI Plus
    • Safe and Secure Virtualisation
    • Green Electronics
    • Automotive Software Development & Test
    • Embedded System Architecture
    • Managing Development Projects Successfully
    • Model Based Design
    • Embedded Linux
    • Debug Methods
    • Software Quality / Test & Verification
    • Successfully implementing ARM

    Classes and Hands-on

    • Modeling Embedded Systems with UML
    • Introduction to Real-time Operating Systems
    • Introduction Real-time Linux
    • Linux in Safety related systems
    • Solutions Workshop – Get the most out of Cortex M3 Debugging
    • Creating Multitasking Systems with Real-World Timing
    • Open Source Project Management
    • More Busting Bugs from Birth to Death of an
      Embedded System Running an RTOS
    • IEC61508 – Developing Safety-oriented Software
    • Cryptography and Embedded Security
    • Design of Safety Critical Systems
    • Using standards to analyze and implement multicore platforms
    • Design and Test of Safety Critical Systems
    • Modeling Real-time Systems
    • Software Development in HLL I: JAVA
    • Software Development in HLL II: C++
    • Software Design for Multicore Systems
    • Unified Design – Innovative Architectural Design Methodology for Embedded Systems
    • USB Host Workshop with NXP LPC2478
    • ARM Quickstart Workshop for LPC1700 (Cortex-M3)

    Once again in 2009 embedded specialists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen - IIS) and the Embedded Systems Institute will host individual sessions at the conference. Interested parties can obtain further information on the programme for the embedded world Conference 2009 and also make use of an online registration facility at: www.embedded-world.de

    electronic displays Conference 2009: programme online

    The electronic displays Conference is already entering the third phase in Nuremberg. The conference has been able to establish itself parallel to embedded world surprisingly quickly – in 2008 over 50 papers were presented by more than 200 participants. Professor Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach, Hochschule Pforzheim (Technical College), Chairman of the Congress Advisory Board, is confidently looking ahead to 2009: “Following successful electronic display Conferences in 2007 and 2008, the Advisory Board carried out some fine tuning to several areas of the event in March 2009: as a result, this time the sessions will be followed by “Author Interviews”.

    electronic displays Conference 2009 – Sessions:

      • Market & LCDs
      • Automotive Displays
      • Touch Screens & Systems
      • Interfacing Displays
      • (Automotive) Display Driving
      • OLEDs 1,2,3
      • Display Driving
      • Display Metrology


      • Author Interviews
      • Poster Presentations
      • Student Paper Award

      Interested parties can obtain further information on the programme for the electronic displays Conference 2009 and use an online registration facility at: www.embedded-world.de

      Information and free online registration

      And the following also applies for embedded world 2009: anyone who is wise takes the opportunity to register online in advance for their visit to the fair thus securing quick and free admission to embedded world 2009 at the event!

      The current exhibitor and product list, hall layout plans, the detailed congress programme, travel tips and much more information covering all aspects of embedded world 2009 can be accessed at: www.embedded-world.de

      2008 retrospective: outstanding mood

      “We have never had so many good, new contacts at any other event. Philippe Faure, Marketing Communications Director at Atmel, is happy with embedded world 2008: “We are extremely busy and very satisfied with the volume of visitors to our stand. For Atmel, embedded world is the most important event for the presentation of our micro-controllers. The fair is a very good way to start the year and present our new products. We are definitely planning to return next year.” Frank Grobe, Executive Director at Hitex, is delighted with the large number of new contacts: “The number and quality of the visitor contacts have clearly exceeded my expectations. In particular we are delighted with the many, even short-term, interesting projects. embedded world 2008 is thus a clear success for us and not only because we were delighted to receive the embedded AWARD.”