AAEON Releases New COM-QM77 Rev.B COM Express Type 6 module with 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ iSeries Processors


AAEON, a leading industrial computing manufacturer, released today the new COM-QM77 Rev.B COM Express Type 6 module with low power 22nm monolithic BGA type Dual Core Intel® Core™ iSeries processors. Complimented by the Intel® QM77 PCH chipset, the COM-QM77 Rev.B module boasts superb graphic performance with hardware decoder and Intel® Clear Video HD technology, making it suitable for medical, gaming and multimedia applications. The wide temperature version features an operation range of -20C – 70C making it ideal for industrial and military applications.

The COM-QM77 Rev.B Basic type module measures at 125mm x 95mm and supports dual-channel SODIMM DDR3 1333/1600 with a maximum of 16GB memory. Expansion interfaces include one PCI Express [x16], seven PCI Express [x1], one LPC bus to connect to legacy I/O interfaces, one SMBus and two UART (TX/RX only). Eight USB2.0 and four USB3.0 support, two SATA 3.0Gb/s and two SATA 6.0Gb/s interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet interface with iAMT8.0 support, one 24-bit dual-channel LVDS and two additional video support for Full HD displays via HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort™, High Definition Audio, and 8-bit programmable GPIO are just some of the rich features packed into this small computer module. DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1, OpenCL 1.1 and stereoscopic 3D are supported, enhancing up to 50% 3D graphics performance and up to 1.8X real time HD-HD transcode improvements. TPM v1.2 is available as an option for security conscious applications.

“The use of a BGA type processor and a PCB thickness of 2mm, makes the COM-QM77 Rev.B more resistant to vibration and shock, enabling it to be used in devices on moving vehicles,” said Ian Lin, Product Manager of AAEON’s Computer-on-Module division. “Lowest TDP can be as low as 17W making it easier for thermal designs and increases stability under harsh environments”, Ian adds.

A matching Mini-ITX form factor carrier board, the ECB-917T is available for COM Express Type 6/10 modules upon request for fast implementation and evaluation purposes.

Intelligent Remote Device Management and Device Monitoring
For effective remote device management, the free AAEON Hi-Manager program can be installed on each deployed COM-QM77 Rev.B, allowing BIOS-level remote management from a remote console. Hi-Manager can also be installed on a COM-QM77 Rev.B to monitor other AAEON devices. For individual device monitoring, the free Hi-Safe program with its user-friendly monitoring interface can be installed.

Group Management using Hi-Manager
The AAEON Hi-Manager is a powerful tool based on the Intel® Active Management Technology 8.0 (iAMT 8.0) and has backward compatibility with earlier versions of iAMT. This allows users to locate all iAMT devices in the intranet, power, set and manage On/Off target devices remotely, recover systems, remote KVM management and access to target device hardware information for asset management. Hi-Manager can be installed on all AAEON platforms and can remotely manage AAEON client devices that use Intel® Q77, QM77, Q67, QM67, Q57 and QM57 chipsets and run Microsoft® Windows® XP, Window® 7 Operating Systems.

Status Monitoring using Hi-Safe
AAEON Hi-Safe is a free and powerful hardware-based program geared toward SDKs for UIs running Microsoft® Windows® Operating systems. It provides an easy way to develop the end user’s own UI software to monitor vital system information such as those for the processor, RAM and VGA. It monitors received data from the Super I/O, fan, temperature and voltage, offers configuration options for Digital I/O pin direction and data, provides watchdog timer and fan speed settings, SMBus base address detection and device ID settings, optional monitoring of UPS data information and offers two modes for backlight display control if one uses the LVDS interface. Based on the user interface SDK, no coding is needed and customers can create their own customized user interface by downloading the function codes provided by AAEON.

For more product information, please contact AAEON regional sales representatives or visit www.aaeon.com for detailed information.

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