Radisys Delivers Industry’s First 40G Solution for Intel® Data Plane Development Kit

Radisys’ solution provides the performance essential for high-throughput applications such as deep packet inspection, network security and wireless gateways, while reducing cost and complexity

IDF 2012 San Francisco

Radisys® Corporation (NASDAQ:RSYS), a leading provider of embedded wireless infrastructure solutions and a Premier member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance, today announced the industry’s first single 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) controller solution for the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK). Radisys’ 40G solution enhances the Intel® DPDK beyond its current 10G functionality, delivering the high throughput. The 40G DPDK solution enables Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) to significantly lower their cost-per-bit for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and security applications. In addition, by leveraging native 40G support, TEMs can reduce overall complexity and simplify their application development, shortening development time by up to 24 months.

“Our solution provides TEMs with a scalable solution with true 40G performance, making this an ideal solution for a variety of form factors from ATCA, Rackmount Servers and Network Appliances, and even to software,” said Andrew Alleman, vice president, platform engineering, Radisys. “In addition to enhancing the functionality of the Intel DPDK, we at Radisys eagerly adopted the solution within our own wireless infrastructure platforms – including the RMS-220 network appliance – continuing our focus on simplifying our customers’ development environment, accelerating their time to market and delivering valuable cost savings.”

“Advances in Intel’s product and manufacturing technologies along with our software developments such as the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK) enable our customers to move further down the path of workload consolidation,” said Steve Price, general manager, Communications Infrastructure Division, Intel. “These enhancements along with Radisys 40 Gigabit Ethernet allow TEMs to not only bring application and control plane workloads onto Intel architecture, but also data plane packet processing workloads with the resulting CAPEX and OPEX savings.”

In addition to providing hardware innovations for the Intel DPDK solution, both Intel and Radisys customers will have access to Radisys’ team of experts for technical support and professional services. Customers implementing the Intel DPDK can leverage Radisys expertise to extend their solution’s functionality or customize it for their own environments.

About the Radisys 40G Solution for the Intel® DPDK

The Radisys 40G driver uses Mellanox ConnectX-3 NICs and is ported to both the Radisys ATCA-XE100 and ATCA 4600 compute blades. In addition, Radisys is also providing fast path, optimized wireless data plane protocol implementations, such as Evolved GPRS Tunneling Protocol (eGTP), by integrating its deployment proven 3G and LTE Trillium wireless software portfolio with the Intel® DPDK framework. When integrated with Radisys’ ATCA and Network Appliance/Rackmount Server (RMS) platforms, the combination of Trillium and the Intel DPDK provides a wireless packet processing system for rapid application development and deployment.

Radisys will be onsite at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Sept. 11-13, in booth #228. During the show, Radisys will showcase a live demonstration of its 40G solution and the Intel DPDK, featuring DPI/Packet Processing on the RMS-220. In addition, the company will demonstrate how optimizations implemented in partnership with Qosmos ixEngine allow sufficient throughput to address an entire network node capacity requirement using just one or two RMS-220 network appliance platforms.

Contact Radisys at info@radisys.com to schedule a meeting with the company’s network experts onsite at IDF.

About Radisys

Radisys (NASDAQ:RSYS) is a leading provider of embedded wireless infrastructure solutions for telecom, aerospace, defense and public safety applications. Radisys' market-leading ATCA, IP Media Server and Com Express platforms coupled with world-renowned Trillium software, services and market expertise enable customers to bring high-value products and services to market faster with lower investment and risk. Radisys solutions are used in a wide variety of 3G & 4G / LTE mobile network applications including: Radio Access Networks (RAN) solutions from femtocells to picocells and macrocells, wireless core network applications, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and policy management; conferencing and media services including voice, video and data, as well as customized mobile network applications that support the aerospace, defense and public safety markets.

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