PC/104-size Gigabit Ethernet Module with SUMIT™ PCI Express Speeds Networking

Arlington, TX - WinSystems today announced a SUMIT-ISM™ compatible Gigabit Ethernet module designed for high-speed networking connectivity for small form factor, industrial embedded applications. The PXM-GIGE is a 90 x 96mm module that connects to 10/100/1000 Mbps networks using standard Category 5 (CAT5) unshielded twisted pair (UTP) copper cables. It offers a stackable PCI Express expansion on a PC/104 module with the addition of the industry-standard high-speed SUMIT connector. It plugs directly into WinSystems' PXM-C388-S, a 1.66HGz Atom™ N455-based SBC as well as other SUMIT-ISM compatible products available elsewhere.

The PXM-GIGE is based upon the Intel 82573 controller whose architecture is optimized to deliver both high-performance and PCIe bus efficiency with the lowest power and smallest size. The 82573 efficiently handles packets with minimum latency by combining a parallel and pipelined logic architecture optimized for Gigabit Ethernet and independent transmit and receive queues. Also IEEE 802.3ab Auto-Negotiation, IEEE 802.3x-compliant flow control, adaptive equalization, echo cancellation, and crosstalk cancellation are supported as well.

The PXM-GIGE module is wired to the x1 PCIe lane of the SUMIT-A connector and automatically selects the first available link. The PC/104 connector is supported for legacy stacks. It requires only +5 volts at 0.67A and will operate from -40°C to +85°C.

The PXM-GIGE supports Linux, Windows®, and other x86-compatible real-time operating systems. Free drivers are available from the WinSystems' website.

Delivery is from stock. Please contact WinSystems' Application Engineering Group for pricing; telephone: (817) 274-7553, Fax: (817) 548-1358, and e-mail: info@winsystems.com.

The PXM-GIGE product page is http://sumit.winsystems.com/products/PXM-GIGE.cfm.

WinSystems designs and manufactures industry-standard PC/104, EPIC, EBX, Pico-I/O, SUMIT-ISM, and STD Bus single board computers (SBCs), I/O modules, and enclosures for use by OEMs and system integrators worldwide. We have served the industrial market for over 30 years. We are an employee-owned company.

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