NEXCOM EBC 310X 3.5" Embedded Board Designed for Harsh Environments

NEXCOM's 3.5" board, the EBC 310X, upgrades to support operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, and comes with conformal coating for added protection. With a sleek profile of 146mm x 105mm, the 3.5" board aims to serve as a reliable platform for embedded industrial applications requiring small, yet thermally resilient hardware with optimal balance of power and performance. With its compact size, reliability and thermal resistance, the EBC 310X is ideal for outdoor environments in extreme cold and heat conditions such as traffic control, railways, coal mines, and rural gas stations. In addition, the rugged design makes it perfect for harsh industrial control and automation environments, such as weather stations in snowy mountains and deserts.

Specially designed for extreme temperature fluctuating environments, the 3.5" board is built with industrial grade hardware – Intel® Atom™ processor E640T System-on-Chip (SoC), on-board memory, transformers, LAN controller, X’TAL and power components. All components are carefully selected, laid out, and tested under the IEC-68-2-14 standard to ensure stability and that it operates reliably within temperature ranges of -40°C to 85°C. Furthermore, the small footprint, low power consumption SoC processor is rated for wide temperature, which perfectly meets the thermal constraints of embedded applications.

Conformal Coating/De-Flux Cleaning Process

NEXCOM's conformal coating gives embedded boards extra protection from hazardous substances such as dust, chemicals, moisture, corrosion, and intense temperatures. What makes NEXCOM's conformal coating stand out is the de-flux cleaning technology applied during the process. NEXCOM's first-class de-flux cleaning system cleanses the PCB thoroughly before coating. This process improves the quality of conformal coating by increasing overall stability of the embedded boards. In addition, NEXCOM’s conformal coating and cleaning services conform to IPC-A610, IPC-CC-820 and IPC J-STD-001E regulations, while promising quality, reliability and stability.


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