Keep Your Network Connected with Moxa’s Shock-resistant, Dual RF Wireless Module

Taipei, Taiwan, March 13th, 2012 - Moxa is releasing a new model in its AWK-5222 series: a shock-resistant, 3-in-1 wireless AP/bridge/client that provides dependable wireless coverage for harsh, indoor industrial environments. The rugged exterior casing of the new AWK-5222-M12 houses industry-leading redundancy technology, and features Moxa’s carefully designed M12 ports to deliver persistent wireless coverage you can count on for those mission-critical applications.

Shock Resistant M12 Ports
Designed specifically for steadfast connectivity in road and rail environments, the AWK-5222-M12 model has been strengthened against the threats posed by constant and intense vibration. The M12 ports firmly secure connections to both Ethernet LANs and antennas against the effects of constant vibration, building on other network protections like redundant radio frequencies to provide the most reliable wireless module for use along overland transport corridors.

Doubled RF
In addition to the physical security provided by its outer design, the internals of the AWK-5222-M12 have been engineered with dual RF mechanics, to ensure secure and foolproof wireless connectivity. With its dual RF technology, the AWK-5222-M12 can be configured to operate with dual-band 2.4/5.0GHz redundancy, using two distinct channels simultaneously to thereby reduce signal errors and data loss caused by EM or RF interference. In addition, Moxa’s latest dual RF solution also provides three different wireless connection modes to let you optimize your WLAN network architecture: whether in redundant wireless mode, AP-Client mode, or bridge mode, the AWK-5222-M12 will give you sturdy and reliable wireless coverage, no matter what the environment.

AWK-5222-M12 Key Features:

  • Equipped with shock-resistant M12 ports
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g compliant
  • Dual RF design for redundant wireless communication and high performance wireless bridging
  • RSTP for dual Ethernet redundancy
  • Supports 100 ms redundant roaming
  • Features industrial grade QoS (WMM) and VLAN
  • Tolerant of temperature ranges from -40 to 75°C (T models)

About MOXA
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