Carrier Board Development for Computer On Modules

Designers of specialized embedded computers often face a problem: They are fluent with the intricacies of their application; but when it comes to developing the required controller, they enter unknown territory. Building an embedded PC needs some knowledge about X86 processors and the PC architecture. Even if these are mastered, a BIOS is still required and adds another layer of difficulty to the development process.

An easy solution to this is using prefabbed, off-the-shelf processor modules. These so-called “Computer On Modules” (COM) comprise a processor and chipset, as well as BIOS, RAM, and several standard interfaces. Among the latter are PCI Express, USB, SATA, and others. Video and sound output is also included. COMs can be used as a fully functional building block, like an integrated circuit. The designer can concentrate on his specialized, application specific electronics on a carrier board. The required control unit, the COM, is simply plugged in using standard connectors.

Using COMs has several advantages, compared to designing a completely new system: they are known to work and can be independently tested using a standard development and evaluation board. Because of the standardized and documented interfaces, the layout of the carrier is simplified. All this allows a shorter time to market, definitely a plus in today's fast changing economies. If there is the need for more processing power, in many cases it is enough to change the COM, making upgrades fast and uncomplicated.

There are several COM standards to choose from. LiPPERT Embedded Computers provides well-known COM Express modules as well as tiny CoreExpress® modules. The latter are available with X86 processor units like the Intel® Core™ i7 Processor or the Intel® Atom™ E6xxT Processor. Modules using other technologies are available, too.

However, LiPPERT not only delivers the Computer modules but also offers its help when it comes to designing the required customized carrier board. With a long record in the industry and as experienced designers of embedded PC systems, specialized carrier boards can be developed within short time frames. Whether just only a single specialized interface is required or many of these, LiPPERT creates and produces your carrier board with the same level of detail and quality like our own standard products. For more information and quotes: sales@lippertembedded.com

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