Intel Discloses Architecture of Next Generation Itanium® Processor “Poulson”

Intel Corporation announced new architecture features of its upcoming Itanium® processor, codenamed “Poulson.” The new features: Intel® Instruction Replay Technology, Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology improvements and Itanium processor New Instructions are aimed to take full advantage of the next generation, 12-wide issue architecture. “Poulson”, with eight cores and 3.1 billion transistors, will be the most sophisticated Intel® processor to date, and is on track for launch in 2012. It is followed by a future “Kittson” processor, currently under development. There are three key feature areas. The first is Intel Instruction Reply Technology, which is a major RAS enhancement. The second new feature is an improved Hyper-Threading Technology. It supports performance enhancement with Dual Domain Multithreading support, which enables independent front and backend pipeline execution to improve multi-thread efficiency. Lastly, Poulson is adding new instructions in four key areas. These new instructions lay the foundation for the Itanium architecture to grow with future needs.

Intel Corporation