TenAsys® Networked RTOS for Multi-Core, Multi-Platform Embedded

TenAsys Corporation announced a scalable real-time OS called INtime® Distributed RTOS based on the company’s established product, INtime for Windows®, INtime Distributed RTOS enables programmers to write applications that run without modification on different system configurations spanning from single-core or multi-core processor systems to multi-platform systems with multi-core processors. The scalability is made possible with the introduction of global objects and an underlying network called GOBSnet. This inter-process communications technology enables real-time embedded applications to leverage the performance potential of the new 2nd Generation Intel® processor family. For example, by using the Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Intel® IPP libraries one can perform real-time advanced signal processing applications on dedicated cores, essentially doing away with the need to have separate application-specific processors in a system.

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