congatec Achieves New Record of $64 Million in 2010

Sales increase by a phenomenal 75%

San Diego, California * * * 2011 * * * congatec, a leading manufacturer of embedded computer modules, recorded annual revenue of $64 million US dollars in 2010, a record company accomplishment. With its embedded computer modules and accessories, the company increased sales by 75% from the previous year. In 2009, the annual revenue totaled $36 million.

“The ongoing development of our multi-channel distribution strategy, which involves both partners as well as our direct marketing efforts, has paid off,” explained Gerhard Edi, CEO of congatec AG. “In the months ahead, we will continue to fine-tune this approach while at the same time increase our focus on global expansion of logistics and research development in the USA and Asia. Our value-added products and product enhancements have already resulted in high customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships here locally, and we look forward to bringing these to new markets."

To continue its growth, congatec will be intensifying its activities in market cultivation, particularly in the areas of medical technology, transportation and digital signage in order to further increase the number of new design wins in these fields. It is planned that these and other measures will help the company achieve another year of strong revenue growth.

About congatec
With its US headquarters in San Diego, congatec AG is an innovative business that specializes in the development and marketing of industrial computer modules using the standard form factors Qseven, COM Express, XTX and ETX. The company’s products can be used in a variety of industries and applications, such as industrial automation, medical technology, automotive supplies, aerospace and transportation. Core knowledge and technical know-how includes unique extended BIOS features as well as comprehensive driver and board support packages. Following the design-in phase, customers are given support via extensive product lifecycle management. The company’s products are manufactured by specialty service providers in accordance with modern quality standards. congatec currently has 92 employees with branch offices in the UK, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Israel, Taiwan and the USA. More information is available on our website at www.congatec.us.

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