New RAM module standard for ruggedized applications

Initiated by LiPPERT Embedded Computers GmbH and others the Small Form Factors Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG) has defined a new RAM-module standard for robust applications. With the naming RS-DIMM (ruggedized small form factor DIMM) a new innovative module concept was created, having very small outline dimensions on the one hand, but can be used under very harsh shock & vibration environments on the other hand. The standard was defined for DDR3 memory, either with or without ECC. Up to 18 RAM Chips can be placed on the module which has outline dimensions of 67,5 x 38 mm. The module is connected to the CPU board with a robust high-speed 240 pin connector from Samtec (BSH/BTH-series), which enables a JEDEC compliant pin definition. The module gets fixed to the CPU board by two screws.

The company LiPPERT Embedded Computers will introduce the world’s first COM-Express module supporting this new RAM standard with ECC during the Embedded World 2011 (Hall 9/272). At the same time and place several RAM module vendors like Swissbit AG(Hall 9/279) will show the first available RS-DIMM modules.

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