Telemetria Launches New Telematics Product to Transform Driving Experience

Advanced Telematics technology platform leverages INTEL’s Atom chipset

SAN JOSE, California – Telemetria (www.telemetriatelephony.com) announced it has entered a partnership with a Tier-1 Mobile Carrier to test its DashTop product with end-customers in Europe, a design win that builds upon a pilot project conducted earlier this year with Clearwire in the US.

“The deployment of 4G is a vector of growth for the smart and connected car” explains Kaveh Hushyar, CEO of Telemetria. “4G was developed with vehicular applications in mind so it is not a surprise that the strong activity in 4G is one of the driving forces behind the release of our DashTop product.“

Telemetria has been working closely with Intel and other local industry partners like Sunman Engineering to deliver the most advanced Telematics technology platform for vehicles. The robust architecture, based on Intel’s Atom chipset enables multiple applications to run at the same time. Its software platform supports a rich set of features spanning infotainment, efficiency, safety, and security.

By smartly connecting the car and its sensors to the outside world via 3G/4G and Wifi, Telemetria’s solution improves dramatically the consumer’s lifestyle and safety. It features always-on internet and cell phone connections, GPS navigation, and a multi-media player that can be activated by voice.

DashTop also has a seven-inch touch-screen interface. Larger than a smart phone and smaller than a tablet computer, the compact form factor of DashTop is perfectly adapted for in-dash configuration. The solution is also available in a portable version for the Telematics aftermarket. Telemetria’s product provides the experience of a high-end car, and beyond, to the majority of drivers who cannot afford a new vehicle.

Whether it is to assist aging adults with cost-effective location-based services or to provide business people a hands-free office-quality experience on the road, DashTop transforms the driving experience and extends the smart and connected life-style into cars.

Prior to joining Telemetria, Kaveh Hushyar was Senior Vice President at AT&T where he oversaw the design and deployment of the quadruple-play network that carries the iPhone traffic today.  “We are still in the infancy of the smart and connected car environment. Our driving experience is going to be transformed in the next few years as products like ours enter the market”. Telemetria is also in discussion with other partners to bring its life-style solution to market.

 About Telemetria – Telemetria is committed to safe driving as the digital life-style for ‘anytime, anywhere’ communication and infotainment expands from the office and the home into the car. Telemetria designs, develops, and deploys sensor and application rich vehicular solutions to transform a car into a connected, smart and safe environment. Its life-style solutions provide a fun and safe experience to families thanks to its unique remote monitoring applications and a rich set of features.

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