Malico Inc. Introduces Revolutionary Products for BGA Thermal Solutions

Malico Inc. is introducing a series of Talon Clip® to be used with its high performance BGA heat sinks.  Talon Clip® is smartly designed to utilize the space between BGA package and its solder balls.  Two small lip features on the clip hook under two sides of BGA body providing secure and reliable attachment for heat sinks.  In addition to replace unreliable thermal tape, Talon Clip® allows engineers to use heat sinks with phase change TIMs which have much better thermal performance than tapes.  Talon Clip® is engineered to provide just enough pressure to obtain best performance from phase change TIM.  The combination of unique cold forged heat sink, the best TIM and Talon Clip®, Malico Inc. brings you the best thermal solution for your BGA.

Talon Clip® is available for most BGA footprint sizes in the market, ranging from 15x15mm to 45x45mm. It’s made of plastic material, so there is no concern of short circuiting when using the clip.

Furthermore, Malico Inc. has developed varieties of heat sinks to use with Talon Clip®.  The most recently announced hybrid forged heat sink can have up to 200% more surface area compared to extrusion heat sinks.  The elliptical fin forged heat sinks reduce airflow resistance and work effectively in good airflow (>200 LFM) condition.  Forged pin fin heat sinks are best used in omnidirectional airflow condition.  Engineers can simply choose a Malico heat sink with performance needed and match a clip for their application.

Technical Information

The major advantages of using Talon Clip® with Malico heat sinks are:

  • No mounting holes on PWB are required
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Clip is re-usable
  • May use Phase Change TIM to reduce interface resistance
  • Series of standard items to save tooling cost
  • Customize capability to meet any special needs


Talon Clip® and Malico heat sinks are available immediately.  Further information is available at:

About Malico Inc.

Malico Inc. has been working on advanced thermal solution products since 1986. With abundant manufacturing experiences and technical innovations, it is a leading supplier and designer in this field. As a responsible company, Malico Inc. had established ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RoHS compliance, and business continuity management to support customers with the best. The company’s commitment is to provide customers high quality services, diversity of cost-effective products, and long-term partnership.  News from Malico Inc. can be found at www.malico.com.

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