Portwell's ultra compact PQ7-M104G Qseven module supports up to 2GB DDR2 SDRAM and up to 4 PCI-E x1 lanes

Portwell announces PQ7-M104G, the latest addition to its growing family of ultra compact (70mm x 70mm), ultra low power Qseven (Q7) open standard modules based on the Intel Atom processor. Built with Intel's Atom Z510 (1.1 GHz) or Z530 (1.6 GHz) processor and Intel System Controller Hub (SCH) US15W, PQ7-M104G Qseven module supports onboard 1GB or 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, onboard NAND Flash (4GB with optional upgrade to 8GB), two SATA and three PCI-E x1 lanes (with an option of four) from its Qseven Golden Finger and dual independent display via LVDS and SVDO. A Mini-ITX carrier board (PQ7-C200) and 3.5˝ carrier board (PQ7-C100) are available as a developer kit. PQ7-M104G's small form factor saves valuable space and its low power consumption-under 10W (+5V)-allows devices to work longer hours while reducing operating costs. PQ7-M104G can be a fanless configuration and battery-operated. Available now, Portwell's new PQ7-M104G is ideal for industrial control and automation, gaming machines, medical and portable devices, and COTS military applications.

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Press release: http://www.portwell.com/productnews/PQ7-M104G_pr.htm
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